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15 Successful Years of Promoting Consistent High Quality PE100

Author(s) : Pierre Belloir 2014 Chicago

150 Years Lifetime on PE-Piping Systems for Drinking Water, Can It Be Achieved?

Author(s) : Tomas Helenius 2014 Chicago

1600mm PE Pipe Installation Saves Power Supply in Victoria, Australia

Author(s) : Predrag Micic 2014 Chicago

A Training and Certification Standard for Fusion Welding of PE Pipes

Author(s) : Edward Ingham 2014 Chicago

Abraison Resistance Improvement of a High Density Polyethylene by Cross-Linking for Manufacture of Mine Tailings Transportation Pipes

Author(s) : Patricia Perdiz Fernandez 2014 Chicago

Active reinforcement for PE- electrofusion couplers/ Off-takes on large diameter PE mains

Author(s) : Alex Geringer 2014 Chicago

Advanced PE100 Grade with an Excellent Balance Between Durability and Processability

Author(s) : Tomomi Hiramoto 2014 Chicago

Alternative Fast Methods to Evaluate the Long-Term Performance in Polyethylene Resins with High Resistance to Crack

Author(s) : Carlos Domínguez 2014 Chicago

An Assessment of the Approach to Validate Polyethylene Pipe in Potable Water Systems

Author(s) : Wayne Bryce 2014 Chicago

An Evaluation of Aged MDPE Gas Pipes

Author(s) : Pamela Maeger 2014 Chicago

Analysing the Performance of Electrofusion Tapping Tees When Subject to Contamination

Author(s) : Pedrom Tayefi 2014 Chicago

Analysis of Noise in Architectural Water Drainage Systems and the Application of Noise Reduction Technology

Author(s) : Yanjun Li 2014 Chicago

Application of a Rapid LC-MS Technique to the Development of an Enhanced Chlorine Resistant Antioxidant Package for Polyethylene: Comparison to Oit and Resin Property Retention

Author(s) : Steven Horwatt 2014 Chicago

Characterization of Crack Initiation and Slow Crack Growth Resistance of PE100 and PE100-RC pipe Grades with Cyclic Cracked Round Bar Tests

Author(s) : Andreas Frank 2014 Chicago

Chemical and Temperature Resistance of Polyethylene Pipes for Industrial Applications

Author(s) : Amaia Bastero 2014 Chicago

Comparison of Creep Rupture and Creep Modulus Data for High Density Polyethylene and Polypropylene Pipe Resins Using Traditional and Accelerated Test Methods

Author(s) : Nicholas Piazza 2014 Chicago

Countermeasures against Deterioration in Non-Cross-Linked Polyethylene Pipes

Author(s) : Kazuhisa Igawa 2014 Chicago

Critical Flaw Size in Butt-Fusion Joints for Service Life Prediction of HDPE Pipes

Author(s) : Prabhat Krishnaswamy 2014 Chicago

Development of a Slow Crack Growth Resistance (Strain Hardening) Test for Assessment of Ageing PE Pipeline Materials

Author(s) : Edward Ingham 2014 Chicago

Development of Pipe-Grade Polyethylenes with Enhanced Chlorine Resistance for Drinking Water Applications in NA

Author(s) : Rusty Wheat 2014 Chicago

Easy Branches : Avoid Pressure Derating for Fabricated Tees in Your Pipe System

Author(s) : Robert Eckert 2014 Chicago

Energy-to-Failure to Assess the Quality of Electro Fusion Joints in PE Pipes

Author(s) : Frans Scholten 2014 Chicago

Essential Variables of Heat Fusion Joining of Polyethylene Pipe

Author(s) : Z. Jimmy Zhou 2014 Chicago

Evaluation of Plastic Pipes by Hot Water Circulation, Stress Rupture, and Immersion Tests

Author(s) : Hiroyuki Nishimura 2014 Chicago

Exploring Boundries: Prolonged ISO 9080 Testing Revealing the Full Capabilities of PE-X

Author(s) : Stefan Dreckötter 2014 Chicago

Focusing on the Weakest Link

Author(s) : Steve Sandstrum 2014 Chicago

High Quality PE Pipe Systems and Local Partnerships – Key Elements in Undertaking Sustainable Development Project

Author(s) : Andrew Wedgner 2014 Chicago

India’s First Full City “24X7” Water Supply Contract to Use Trenchless Installation with PE100 Pipes

Author(s) : Prashant Nikhade 2014 Chicago

Influence of Additives on Structure and Property of Bimodal Polyethylene Pipe Material YGH041T

Author(s) : Qu Yunchun 2014 Chicago

Latest Technology in Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe (RTP)

Author(s) : Conghua Gao 2014 Chicago

Lifetime Assessment of Polyethylene Pipes in Oil and Gas Infrastructure

Author(s) : Reinhold Lang 2014 Chicago

Live Load Fatigue Evaluation of Corrugated Pipes with Virgin and Recycled PE

Author(s) : Michael Pluimer 2014 Chicago

Long Term Creep Propterites of High Density Polyethylene and Polypropylene Pipe Grade Resins Based on Specimen Preparation Method

Author(s) : Bill VanHoose 2014 Chicago

Meeting the Need for Stiffer Large Diameter Plastics Pipes in China

Author(s) : Wu Gengtian 2014 Chicago

Methodology to Determine Design Life of Assemblies of PE Pipe, Heat Fusion Fittings, and Heat Fusion Joints

Author(s) : Gene Palermo 2014 Chicago

Non Destructive Evaluation of Improper Fusion for Polyethylene Heat Fusion Socket Joint

Author(s) : Seonghee Kil 2014 Chicago

PE-RT for Industrial and Oil & Gas Applications: New Opportunities with New Standard

Author(s) : Pierre Belloir 2014 Chicago

PE100 and PE4710 Sourcing Components in a Global Market

Author(s) : Stephen Boros, Steve Sandstrum as co-presenter 2014 Chicago

PE100 Pipes Joining in Coalbed Methane Industry in China

Author(s) : Xiong Zhimin 2014 Chicago

Performance Evaluation of Notched PE80/PE3608 Pipe Using Ligament Stress Regression Methodology

Author(s) : Z. Jimmy Zhou 2014 Chicago

Performance of Polyethylene Pipes with Glass Fiber

Author(s) : Mitsuaki Tokiyoshi 2014 Chicago

Plough-in of Large Diameter Polyethylene Pipes

Author(s) : Alan Whittle 2014 Chicago

Polyethylene Pipe Repair

Author(s) : Dennis Jarnecke 2014 Chicago

Polyolefin Sewer Pipes – 100 Year Lifetime Expectancy

Author(s) : Tiem Meijering 2014 Chicago

Prediction of residual lifetimes of small diameter polyethylene pipes

Author(s) : Márton Bredács 2014 Chicago

Rapid Crack Propagation – Observations of Critical Pressure and Critical Temperature Relationships of Polyethylene Pipes

Author(s) : Ashish Sukhadia 2014 Chicago

Reducing Engineering Complexity of Large Diameter Close Fit Polyethylene Liner Installation

Author(s) : Derek Muckle 2014 Chicago

Renovation of Old Water Pipeline and Case Study in China

Author(s) : Dongyu Fang 2014 Chicago

Required Engineering Properties for High Density Polyethylene Pipe Utilizing Recycled Materials

Author(s) : John Kurdziel 2014 Chicago

Research on Application of PE Pipelines in Dredging Field

Author(s) : Faqi Jing 2014 Chicago

Standardisation Driving the Success of Polyethylene Pressure Piping Systems

Author(s) : Stephen Beech 2014 Chicago

Steel Wire Reinforced Thermoplastics (PE) Composite Pipe Cross Sea Laying Technology

Author(s) : Guoqiang Tang 2014 Chicago

The Effects of Dual Cooling on the Rapid Crack Propagation Performance of Polyethylene Pipes

Author(s) : Mark Lamborn 2014 Chicago

The Impact of Heavy Hydrocarbon Permeation on PE Pipe

Author(s) : Karen Crippen 2014 Chicago

The Influence of Additive Levels on PE-Xa Pipe Performance

Author(s) : Shuangquan Zhang 2014 Chicago

The “Notched Cylindrical Bars Under Constant Load Test” (NCBT) as a Means to Assess the Resistance to Crack Initiation and to Slow Crack Growth of PE100 and PE100 RC

Author(s) : Dominique Gueugnaut 2014 Chicago

Two Complementary Tests to Determine the Quality of PE 100RC

Author(s) : Jeroen Weller 2014 Chicago

Ultrasonic Phased Array Inspection of Polyethylene Pipelines & Fittings Used for Gas Distribution

Author(s) : Dominique Gueugnaut 2014 Chicago

Very High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Resins with Improved Chemical and Abrasion Resistance

Author(s) : Dane Chang 2014 Chicago

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