PVC-O Fittings

Papers # 2014 Chicago

MOLECOR introduces for the first time in North America, PVC-O FITTINGS.

One of the missions of technological companies is to adapt and adopt market demands. Molecor is definitely doing so by developing its technology towards big diameters and high pressures, now being available DN 30” (811,8 mm) and 365 psi (25 bar), and also entering PVC-O FITTINGS for the first time. 

The first fittings ever done on PVC-O material were presented during last K show in 2013: 45º and 90º elbows, couplers, repairing couplers and double socket redures. The prototype was validated during 2013 and along 2014 the industrial development will be ready. The PVC-O fittings will be available for MOLECOR licensees at the beginning of 2015, including elbows, couplers and T´s. Currently, the materials used to manufacture fittings for pipelines usually are PVC-U or Ductile Iron, as there is no supplier of PVC-O fittings so far in the world. The market possibilities for this new product line are very promising. 

The process to manufacture PVC-O FITTINGS is based on: air based system, 100% automatic process, and the highest orientation degree that guarantee the best mechanical properties of the fittings. With this new product new challenges are presented from a product design perspective.

Related keywords : fittings, molecular orientation, design, final product, analysis, PVC-O, development, stretch.
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