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A Theoretical Approach to the Practical Problems involved in Jointing different PE Grades

Author(s) : Brinken 1982 York

The c o m p a t i b i l i t y o f t h e v a r i o u s PE m a t e r i a l s can be t h e o r e t i c a l l y d e s c r i b e d b y f o u r d i f f e r e n t t h e o r i e s exp l a i n e d i n t h i s t e x t . I t i s shown t h a t t h e PE t y p e s i n v e s t i g a t e d do n o t d i f f e r w i t h r e s p e c t...

Assessment of the Influence of Processing on Medium-High Density PE Pressure Pipes

Author(s) : Marshall, Taylor, Dickinson 1982 York

A study has been c a r r i e d o u t which has sought t o e s t a b l i s h t h e i n f l u e n c e of processing c o n d i t i o n s on t h e p r o p e r t i e s of medium and h i g h d e n s i t y polyethylene. Residual s t r e s s and f r a c t u r e toughness measurements have been c a r r i e d o u t on hdpe...

Case History of a GRP Rivercrossing - Design, Manufacture and Installation

Author(s) : Birkenfeld, Tiemersma, Zonneveld 1982 York

The Wilhelmina canal in the Netherlands has to be enlarged. Therefore the present reinforced concrete culvert for tie crossing of the river "De Donye" with the canal does not Eit ~ith the future canal profile. Due to local circumstances GFP...

Criteria for High Toughness in UPVC Pressure Pipes

Author(s) : Birch, Marshall 1982 York

The m e c h a n i c s of f a i l u r e of uPVC p i p e m a t e r i a l s have been i n v e s t i g a t e d u s i n g f r a c t u r e mechanics t e s t methods t o i n d u c e b r i t t l e f a i l u r e . I t h a s b e e n found t h a t b r i t t l e f a i l u r e can b e q u a n t i f i e d and t e s t p r o c e d...

Data Collection during Pipe Extrusion

Author(s) : Partridge 1982 York

A flexible data collection system for use on pipe extruders or any other continuous process is described. The system offers security of data, easy installation and displays for supervisors and extruder operators. Some of the benefits and uses of this equipment are described.

Degradation of PVC Plain and Corrugated Pipes due to Weathering Conditions in Egypt

Author(s) : Eleiche 1982 York

Plastics as engineering structural materials are becoming more and more popular in Egypt. In the present paper, the status of the on-going activities on weathering degradation of plastics pipes is presented. Two types of pipes are being considered, namely : (a) PVC plain pipes produced by the National...

Design and Manufacture OF GRP Liners and Their Installation

Author(s) : Cooper 1982 York

Deterioration of the sewers in our cities has produced an urgent requirement for a technically satisfactory cost-effective means of renovating or upgrading existing underground services. One of the most successful methods available is the insertion of a preformed liner into the pipeline with the annular gap...

Dynamic Testing of GRP Pipe

Author(s) : Houz 1982 York

In GRP pipes cracks develop and grow, leading to weepage af ter prolonged cyclic loading. Simultaneously a gradual decline of elastic properities of the wall can be observed. This process can be described in two ways : as decline of the...

Environmental Stress Cracking as a Tool for Evaluating Polyethylene Piping Materials

Author(s) : Lustiger, Markham, Cassady 1982 York

The phenomenon of e n v i r o n m e n t a l s t r e s s c r a c k i n g , which o c c u r s when p o l y e t h y l e n e i s p l a c e d under s t r e s s u n t i l f a i l u r e i n a d e t e r g e n t environment, i s b e i a g s t u d i e d b o t h as a means of q u a l i t y c o n t r o l and f o r d e t e r m...

Extrudate Cooling of Medium Density Polyethylene Pipe Sections

Author(s) : Edwards,Ellis, Georghiades,Smith 1982 York

A model i s p r e s e n t e d f o r t h e p r e d i c t i o n of c o o l i n g r a t e s and temperature p r o f i l e s d u r i n g t h e c o o l i n g and s o l i d i f i c a t i o n of M.D.P.E. p i p e s . Experimental measurements from an i n d u s t r i a l production l i n e a r e r e p o r t e d and t h e s...

Flexible Plastics Pipes for Hot Water, and the Effects of Oxygen Diffusion

Author(s) : Lenman 1982 York

Flexible plastics pipes have found an everincreasing use for hot-water installations. The requirements that these pipes have to fulfil are more rigorous and partly different from traditional requirements. The oxygen permeability of the pipes has been assumed to cause serious functional trouble in sealed...

Flexible Thermoplastic Pipes buried in Soft Soils

Author(s) : Soini 1982 York

The s e r i e s of t e s t s d e a l t w i t h i n t h e p a p e r was c a r r i e d o u t under f i e l d c o n d i t i o n s . These t e s t i n s t a l l a t i o n s , conducted i n c o n n e c t i o n w i t h a c t u a l i n s t a l l a t i o n s , were r e a l i z e d i n such a way t h a t t h e t e s t c o...

Fracture Propagation in Plastics Pipes

Author(s) : Vancombrugge 1982 York

Formation and propagation of brittle fracture as a function of internal pressure and temperature. Information about crack propagation speed. Discussion about influence of residual stresses.

Fracture Propagation in Polyethylene (PE) Gas Pipes

Author(s) : Greig, Ewing 1982 York

Fracture propagation is a phenomenon in which a long brittle crack runs along the pipeline at high speeds of approximately 350 m/s. More stringent operating and test pressures of larger diameter polyethylene gas pipes have had to be introduced...

Gravity Sewage Pipes of UPVC for 10 Years in Use

Author(s) : Vaelimaa 1982 York

During the time 1968 to 1982 uPVC pipes have been introduced and applied for drainage and sewer installations in Finland. Development consists of work for material technics, product standards and code of practice. An essential part is the long...

Insulated Flexible Plastics Pipes in District Heating

Author(s) : Bontje 1982 York

In the design of district heating systems, as these become increasingly used, there is a trend towards the conveyance of heat over greater distances and its use at lower temperatures. At the same time, more plastic materials are becoming available and being developed for use at...

Loading Tests on Buried Plastics Pipes to Validate a New Design Method

Author(s) : Reilly, Trott, Crab 1982 York

A s e r i e s of loading t e s t s on b u r i e d p l a s t i c s p i p e s h a s been c a r r i e d o u t t o v a l i d a t e a new design method, which can be s u m a r i s e d i n a s e t of d e s i g n c h a r t s . The t e s t programme involved monitoring the response t o l o a d i n g of p i p e s of d i f...

Measurement of Toughness in Pipe Materials

Author(s) : Gray, Frye 1982 York

Long term failure of plastics pipes is governed by very slow crack propagation. Assessing pipe materials' resistance to this slow growth is time consuming and in the case of recent very tough medium density polyethylenes is difficult using constant load tests. It is shown that fatigue tests can achieve comparative...

Mechanical Quality of Welds in Polyethylene Pipe Systems

Author(s) : Wolters, Venema 1982 York

The weld s t r e n g t h of some b u t t welds and e x t r u s i o n welds i n p i p e l i n e s y s t e m s , made of t h e newer PE t y p e s , h a s been e v a l u a t e d by means of s h o r t - t e r m and long-term t e s t s . B u t t w e l d i n g a p p e a r s t o be a r e l i a b l e j o i n t i n g...

New Modifications of Chemically Crosslinked Polyolefin Based Pipes

Author(s) : Narkis 1982 York

Continuous high-temperature peroxide crosslinking of polyethylene is now a well-established technology in production lines of cable and wire insulation. A single-stage, highpressure technology where the pipe forming operation and crosslinking reaction take place in the same machine was developed by Thomas Engel &...

Plastic Material for Pipeline Installations

Author(s) : Barber 1982 York

The growing a c c e p t a n c e o f p o l y e t h y l e n e a s a p i p e l i n e m a t e r i a l is a s s e s s e d a g a i n s t i t s background i n r e l i n i n g It is compared and c o n t r a s t e d w i t h more applications. t r a d i t i o n a l m a t e r i a l s f o r w a t e r d i s t r i b u t i o n...

Polybutylene - Selected Material and Property Aspects

Author(s) : Kemp 1982 York

The properties of polybutylene as a pipe material are discussed, with particular reference to creep, bending moment, bending radius, oxygen diffusion, burst hoop stress as a function of time, and lifetime estimation.Its properties are compared with those of polypropylene and cross-linked polyethylene. Polybutylene 1s...

PVC Pressure Pipes The Importance of Gelation to Ensure

Author(s) : van den Hevel 1982 York

The field performance of PVC pressure pipes is generally acceptable. Yet a substantial international research effort is being devoted to spontaneous brittle failures. A model describing the nature of such failures will be presented. In this model a pipe is considered to be a matrix with defects. To obtain...

Recent Developments to Overcome Problems with Drain Reconnections in Plastic Sewer Linings

Author(s) : Gale 1982 York

The r e p o r t o u t l i n e s t h e p r o b l e m t h a t d r a i n connections W s e on s m a l l diameter sewer renovation and e q u i m n t development t h a t is t a k i n g p l a c e t o overcome them. The p r i n c i p a l t o p i c s covered a r e  : - 1 t h e removal of p r o t r u d i n g...

Relaxation Modulus of PVC and PEH Sewage Pipes for Evaluation of Long-Term Stiffness

Author(s) : Koski 1982 York

S t r e s s r e l a x a t i o n i n PVC and PEH sewage p i p e s was measured f o r more t h a n 10 y e a r s , and t h e r e l a x a t i o n d a t a were e x t r a p o l a t e d b y means o f t h e F i n d l e y c r e e p model up t o 50 y e a r s . The i n f l u e n c e o f p i p e d i m e n s i o n s , as w e l...

Residual Stress in Internally Cooled Pipe

Author(s) : Housz 1982 York

Residual stress in extruded thermoplastics pipe is set up during the cooling process. The stress is compressive at the cooled boundary and tensile at the adiabatic midplane. Stress level increases with the itensity of cooling. A compromise may be sought between process time and stress level.Measurements made on...

Sealing Systems for PVC Pipes

Author(s) : Magnusson 1982 York

Sealing rings of natural and synthetic rubber have been used for connecting pipes since 1930. When PVC-plastic pipes were introduced in the early years solvent gluing became the common method of joining the pipes. The flexible rubber sealed pipes...

Service Failure Experience of uPVC Pressure Pipes in the Water Industry

Author(s) : Stephens, Gill 1982 York

Due to its link with the Water Industry WRC has been involved with uPVC pipes for many years. Rased on information gathered from several WRC exercises involving detailed evaluation of operational data, research into pipe failures and information from other suitable sources this paper discusses various aspects...

Some factors affecting Toughness in UPVC Pipe Materials

Author(s) : Moore, Stephenson, Whale 1982 York

S h o r t term t e s t s For t h e e v a l u a t i o n o f t h e t o u g h n e s s o f UPVC p i p e m a t e r i a l s have been examined. A c o m b i n a t i o n of f r a c t u r e t o u g h n e s s ( a f r a c t u r e mechanics p a r a m e t e r ) and t e n s i l e y i e l d stress p r o v i d e a n a s s e s s m...

The Forecast of Polyethylene Pipe and Fitting burst Life using Rate Process Theory

Author(s) : Bragaw 1982 York

A mthod for predicting the long-term service life or pressure of polyethylene piping system components has been developed based on rate process theory and validated by a nher of statistical tests. Burst data and life predic- tions for joints...

The Markets for Plastics Pipes in West Germany and the UK

Author(s) : Dudley 1982 York

This paper discusses the e x i s t i n g markets and underlying trends f o r pipes made of p l a s t i c s materials within Europe. Especial emphasis is given t o the areas known best t o t h e author, t h e Federal Republic of Germany and t h e United Kingdom.

The Performance of Polyethylene Pipe Systems under Internal Fatigue Pressure Loadings

Author(s) : Barker, Bowman, Bevis 1982 York

The i n f l u e n c e of t h e i n c o r p o r a t i o n of i n j e c t i o n moulded f i t t i n g s and t h e presence of m i r r o r p l a t e b u t t welded j o i n t s on t h e performance of p o l y e t h y l e n e p i p e systems has been a s s e s s e d . Systems have been t e s t e d a t 79.5OC...

The Strength of HDPE Pipes for the Renovation of Pipelines by Sliplining

Author(s) : Meldt 1982 York

A method of s p e c i f y i n g t h e HDPE p i p e s t o u s e i n r e n o v a t i o n i s d e s c r i b e d . The f o l l o w i n g f a c t o r s a r e c o n s i d e r e d  : flow c a p a c i t y , stress d u r i n g i n s e r t i o n i n t o s t r a i g h t and n o n - s t r a i g h t l i n e s , l i f t...

Transportation of Solids and Slurries Through Pipelines

Author(s) : Sprecher 1982 York

The bulk transportation of solids is now setting demands vis-2-vis economic and ecological conditions, particularly overland, which traditional methods of transportation can no longer meet. However, transportation by pipeline provides an ideal solution to such problems. Technological advances in regard to this new...

Transportation of Solids through Plastics Pipes

Author(s) : Meldt 1982 York

Plastic pipes, in particular High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) have found wide acceptance for the hydraulic transportation of bulk materials.This paper discusses the applications of plastic pipes on the basis of the following criteria: strength under internal pressure, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, loss...

Underfloor Heating - The Up-To-Date Heating System

Author(s) : Jirka 1982 York

The successful application of plastics pipes in several fields has contributed to investigate pS- pes of polyolefines for their suitability in hea- tinq systems. The general tendency to low-tetm- perature heating is hereby conducive. Basically, two...

Weathering Behaviour in UPVC Pipes

Author(s) : LeHunt 1982 York

Exposure df UPVC systems in storage and service leads to changes in physical properties with increased exposure periods. A programme of external exposure and artificial accelerated exposure has been undertaken and changes to surface gloss, low speed mechanical properties and colour development monitored.

13 years of deformation measurement on HDPE- (Hostalen GM 5010) sewer pipe

Author(s) : Gaube, Mueller 1982 York

An appraisal of the UK Market for Plastics Pipes

Author(s) : Stevens 1982 York

Recent Developments in Expansion Joints for Plastic Pipe Systems

Author(s) : Damerham 1982 York

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