Benefits Gained Through Electronic Collection, Wireless Transmission and Analysis of Butt Fusion Joint Data

5 minute posters # 2014 Chicago

In order to greatly reduce the risk of a compromised butt fusion joint in a plastic piping system, the ability to collect, analyze, and trace butt fusion data is becoming increasingly more important, and in many plastic pipeline specifications a mandated procedure. When the parameters and critical steps of the butt fusion process can be electronically recorded and analyzed during installation of the piping system, decisions on the compliance of the joint to the procedure can be made timely and in turn assist the owner and installer of the piping system in attaining an objective measure, as well as a higher level of assurance that a quality butt fusion joint has been made before being buried underground. 

This paper will engage the company Sandale Utility Products of Canada, and explore how and why this company evolved into using such technology in their underground operations. The presentation will highlight primarily the QA/QC improvements and operation efficiencies they helped their client achieve in the butt fusion joint process via real-time electronic collection, transmission, and analysis of the butt fusion joint data. 

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