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PE100+ Association

Founded in 1999, the PE100+ Association  is an industry organization driven by globally leading High Density PolyEthelene (HDPE) manufacturers, with the objective is to promote consistent quality at the highest level in the production and the use of HDPE for PE100 pipes

We promote better quality for PE100 materials

By monitoring the most critical properties of enhanced requirements, we are able to issue a "PE 100+ Quality Materials list" on a regular basis. 

The PE100+ Association has, through showing the advantages of PE pipe systems, refrained from positioning PE pipe systems versus others plastic or iron pipes systems.

PE100+ Association 19th Advisory Board Meeting

PE100+’s advisory board’s annual meeting took place in Riga/Latvia. Our expert panel from several countries outside and inside Europe came together for the 19th time on June 7, 2018. Ulrich...

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Meet PE100+ Association at Conferences in 2018

Representatives of PE100+ will share their knowledge and expertise at a number of events worldwide in the months to come. We are looking forward to meeting you at these events and to exchange and...

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Plastic Pipes Conference PPXIX
Plastic Pipes Conference PPXIX

With less than one month before the opening of the largest bi-annual pipe conference in its kind, already over 180 companies and many more delegates have registered to participate. The conference is...

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News & Events
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Monthly Press review
Welding study and sismeic study by GDF
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LCA Study : a significant contribution to sustainable developement
LCA Study : a significant contribution to sustainable developement

In 2014, PE100+ Association has sponsored a study aiming at comparing LCA of large diameter PE pipes with ductile iron pipes. The results are now available on our website.

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Technical presentations

Why choose PE compounds for pressure pipe ?

Simplicity or consistency The simplest way for any polymer producer to operate is to produce natural pellets for a wide range of applications...

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Quality Materials List

PE100+ Quality Materials List is valid until December 2018. It is available online and a PDF version can be downloaded.

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Testing methods

Creep rupture strength - Internal pressure test Constant internal pressure at constant temperature The internal pressure test is standardised in...

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Test Requirements

Requirements of the PE 100+ Association Firstly, the ready made compounds must conform to EN 1555-1 and ISO 4437, or EN 12201-1 and ISO 4427. Fully...

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