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BOREALISBOROUGEFormosa Plastics CorporationINEOS O&PIRPCKorea Petrochemical IND. Co., LTD (KPIC)LyondellBasellPetroChina Dushanzi Petrochemical CompanyPRIME POLYMERSABICSCG Chemicals & Thai PolyethyleneSinopecTASNEE


KPIC, a new prestigious raw material supplierWelcome to a new prestigious raw material supplier : KPIC!Friday 19 July 2019

With an increasing global scope and recognition for high quality PE100 pipe materials, we are happy to announce that Korea Petrochemical IND. Co., LTD (KPIC) has qualified as a new member of PE100...

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Plastic Pipe Conference (PPCA) abstracts online on new PE100+ websitePlastic Pipe Conference (PPCA) abstracts online on new PE100+ websiteMonday 11 February 2019

PE100+ is Member Association and Board Member of the Plastic Pipes Conference Association, which was formed to organize and run a series of leading pipe conferences on behalf of the international...

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Meet PE100+ Association at Conferences in early 2019Meet PE100+ Association at Conferences in early 2019Friday 01 February 2019

Representatives of PE100+ will share their knowledge and expertise at a number of events worldwide in the months to come. We are looking forward to meeting you at these events and to exchange and address the concerns of the plastics pipes community.

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PE100+ Association 20th Advisory Board MeetingSaturday 26 January 2019

Dublin will be the location of PE100+ 20st Advisory Board meeting this year. Our experts panel from several countries outside and inside Europe will come together for the 20th edition of this meeting...

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The new PE100+ website is launched !PE100+ Association new websiteSaturday 26 January 2019

The new PE100+ website is launched! Please spend a few moments browsing throughout ! You will notice numerous improvement, aiming at helping you getting all PE 100+ materials and pipes information,...

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Urs Amacher – Georg Fischer Piping Systems Ltd

GF Piping Systems is a globally present manufacturer of plastics piping systems for gas and water utilities, for hot and cold water distribution systems inside buildings and for industrial applications. Since 1994 already, +GF+ is using high quality PE100 materials for the production of its polyethylene fittings program. To support high quality PE...

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Philippe Jacq – Suez Environnement

Suez Environnement is one of the major and leading water companies in the world providing treatment and distribution of drinking water to millions people, and has an active research center on water and environment (CIRSEE) involved in assessment and development of both technologies and material used in its worldwide business. CIRSEE's work covers...

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KM Ho – The Hong Kong & China Gas Company Limited “PE gas pipes have been widely used in our Group in China (including Hong Kong) for gas distribution applications. The use of good quality PE pipes and fittings, and implementation of good installation practices are very important to achieve long service life of the PE gas pipeline system....

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Dr. Elmar Loeckenhoff

"Kunststoffrohrverband e.V. (KRV), an association of the plastics pipe industry, is a speaking partner for all applications of the German plastic pipes industries. The target of the KRV and its members is to offer high quality and reliable products. Polyethylene has been established as an important plastic pipe material already since 50 years and...

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Mike Shepherd

“High performance polyethylene is now, almost exclusively, the material of choice in the UK(90mm to 315mm) pipe systems and is increasingly being used for larger diameter trunk mains. As an end user, it is of utmost importance that these installations provide long and maintenance free service lives. The work of the PE100+ Association, by setting...

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Anna Wroblewska

Anna Wroblewska - Wavin - European Sales Manager Renovation “For Wavin company – the leading producer of plastic pipes - the highest quality of products offered to the customers is a matter of the highest importance. The necessary condition for manufacturing the high-quality pipes is the high-quality raw material. For many years Wavin has...

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Why choose PE compounds for pressure pipe ?

Simplicity or consistency The simplest way for any polymer producer to operate is to produce...

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Quality Materials List

PE100+ Quality Materials List is valid until December 2019. It is available online and a PDF...

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What range of pipe diameters is available?

PE100 can be manufactured in a wide range of pipe diameters from 16mm to 2000mm. Even larger...

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What is SDR pipe and how does it influence the pressure rating of the pipe?

SDR pipe : "Standard Dimensional Ratio" The SDR pipe is the "Standard Dimensional Ratio" and refers...

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Testing methods

Creep rupture strength - Internal pressure test Constant internal pressure at constant...

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Pipe Bursting and Splitting

PIPE BURSTING / SPLITTING - TECHNIQUE Pipe bursting and pipe splitting are trenchless methods used...

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Founded in 1999, PE100+ Association is a global industry organization made of leading PE manufacturers (today 13) whose objective is to promote consistent quality at the highest level in the production and the use of PE100 pipe material. Safety and quality play critical roles in PE pipe applications. In 1999, three leading PE producers took the initiative to build up the Association to guarantee that PE100+ pipe materials meet the highest possible requirements. By monitoring the most critical properties of enhanced requirements, PE 100+ Association is able to issue a “PE100+ Association Quality Materials List” on a regular basis.

Based on all the concerns detailed above, the PE100+ association approach is based upon the exclusive use of fully compounded PE100 resins that has been so successful in gas and water systems in Europe.

PE100 pipe compounds are usually produced on line using specialised equipment during the pelletisation process. This creates a consistent raw material to be used for quality pipe production thus providing this important peace of mind for the network owner.