PE100+ Association

PE100+ Association is an industry organisation of several polyethylene (PE) manufacturers

What is PE100+ Association

Way of working and members of PE100+ Association Founded on 24th February, 1999 by Borealis, Elenac and Solvay. Truly international membership currently comprising 11 member companies: Borealis, Borouge, INEOS O&P, IRPC, lyondellBasell, PetroChina Dushanzi Petrochemical Company, Prime Polymer, SABIC, SCG & Thai Polyethylene, Sinopec, and Tasnee.  Supported by an Advisory Committee of non-affiliated independent experts Works closely with other trade associations Aims of...

Consistent quality garanty in both the production and usage of PE 100+ pipe materials

Why PE100+ Association

The PE100+ Association’s principal objectives are : guaranteeing consistent quality at the highest level in both the production and usage of PE 100+ pipe materials; creating a marketing platform to promote the use of polyethylene (‘PE’) piping in general; maintaining a focused communication effort towards pipe installers and end-users to promote the use of PE piping in general. Quality of PE pipes is highly dependent on a few critical parameters: creep rupture strength, stress...

PE100+ Testimonials

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Member Companies

The following companies are members of PE100+ Association:

Borealis, Borouge, INEOS O&P, IRPC, lyondellBasell, PetroChina Dushanzi Petrochemical Company, Prime Polymer, SABIC, SCG & Thai Polyethylene, Sinopec, and Tasnee.

The Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee

The PE 100+ Association has two Advisory Committee of representatives from the gas and water industries, pipe and fitting manufacturers and contractors. Their main task is to provide market guidance and feedback to the Association and ensure that industry needs are fulfilled. Regular meetings of this committee have been held and the subjects discussed have developed from "why such an Association is useful" and "how to position such an Association" at the very first meetings to more in-depth...

Governance of the Association

In accordance with its statutes, the PE100+ Association is governed by its members. An annual Members Meeting reviews the proposed promotion and technical programme, approves the budget and membership fees and nominates the Board of the association.

In addition, an annual Advisory Committee Meeting is held where members of the pipe value chain (pipe and fitting producers, designers, installers and system operators) not affiliated to the members are invited to review the work carried out by the Association.

Competition Law Compliance Guidelines

Compliance Guidelines

The following Competition Law Compliance Guidelines are Endorsed and Applied by Member Companies within all PE100+ Association activities.