The Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee

The PE 100+ Association has two Advisory Committee of representatives from the gas and water industries, pipe and fitting manufacturers and contractors. Their main task is to provide market guidance and feedback to the Association and ensure that industry needs are fulfilled.

Regular meetings of this committee have been held and the subjects discussed have developed from "why such an Association is useful" and "how to position such an Association" at the very first meetings to more in-depth discussions about PE 100 pipe systems and their technical and economical value. An example is the “PE decision model” which was developed as a result of a recent survey among the advisory committee members.

Mr. Ulrich Schulte is the chairman of the PE 100+ Advisory Committee and the following people are the members of the PE100+ Advisory Committee :

Urs Amacher, Georg Fischer Pipings Systems Ltd 
Steve Beech, SHB Consulting
Avi Blau, Plasson
Ludo Debever, Teppfa
Jos Dehaeselaar, Marcogaz
Monica Delacruz, Asetub
Thomas Frank, Frank
Dominique Gueugnaut Gaz de France
Mark Heathcote, PIPA
Juergen Heinemann, DIN CERTCO
Joachim Hessel, HIT
Mr Hilchenbach, Wavin Germany
Kin Man Ho, Towngas
Dietmar Hoelting, Gelsenwasser
Amir Khamsehnezhad, TWI
Maarten Kruijer Pipelife International R&D
M. Lamperti, Federazione Gomma Plastica
Robert Lawrence, GPPA
Dr Elmar Löckenhoff, Kunststoffrohrverband
David Lowe, Exova
Marco Mekes, Kiwa Gastec
David Morgan, Syntotech Special Products Ltd
Chris O'connor DNV GL group
Tony Radoszewski, PPI
Sarah Patterson, PPI 
Tom Sangster, Downley Consultant
Ulrich Schulte, Consultant
Mike Shepherd,  Consultant
Thorsten Späth, Egeplast
Kirill Trusov, Polyplastic
Werner Wessing EON Ruhrgas
Keith  Wilson, GPS