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PE100+ Materials
Water & gas pressure pipe  : PE pipe, Quality Materials List

Examples of Reference Installations of PE 100+ pipes

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The PE100+ Reference Installations feature different pipe installations, where PE 100 pipes were chosen.
The pipes are made of a PE 100 material, which is listed on the Associations' Quality Materials.

PE pipes installations

Where and when are PE pipes installations

The following installations are available:

PE pipes installations
PE pipes installations

1.400 mm PE 100 pipe installed in Shetland Islands

Protection pipe for oil exploration at Shetland Islands

  • Pipe production at Pipelife Norge AS 
  • 163 m one piece pipe 
  • Transport over 1,000 km by towing on the water only in 3 days

PE 100 was chosen thanks to :

  • Large diameter  Excellent extrusion properties
  • Easy transport on water  Lower transport cost
  • PE 100: Borstar® HE3490-LS

163 m one piece PE 100 pipe

  • PE 100 1,400 mm pipeline
  • Wall thickness 100 mm
  • 430 kg/m pipe weight
  • Extrusion output rate 1 m/h

710 mm wastewater pressure pipe made of PE 100

  • Portugal's Foz do Arelho submarine-outfall pipeline
  • Environmental protection against waste water contamination
  • Installation of a 2.2 km submarineoutfall made of PE 100
  • Basic bid was in concrete and PVC

PE 100 was chosen thanks to

  • Quick and unproblematic installation  Lower installation cost
  • Operational safety  excellent lifetime
  • Easy handling  improved safety
  • PE 100: Vestolen® A 6060 R black

2.2 km submarine-outfall pipeline

  • PE 100 710 mm pipeline
  • 27.2 mm wall thickness
  • Operation pressure 6.3 bar
  • 31 Mio. litre/day of max. hydraulic capacity

Alpine village Grindelwald - PE 100 water distribution

  • Switzerland’s Grindelwald started 100 years ago to install public water transportation due to a major fire accident
  • Present installation amounts to 42 km
  • Earlier used PE 80 and cast iron pipes needed to be replaced

PE 100 was chosen thanks to

  • Easy jointing  Lower cost by buttand flange jointing
  • Easy laying and high flexibility  No heavy building machines
  • Lowest maintenance - Decrease maintenance cost
  • PE 100: Hostalen® CRP 100

Over 1 km fall pipeline in two parts

  • PE 100 125 - 180 mm pipeline
  • Operation pressures up to 16 bar (SDR 11) and up to 25 bar (SDR 7.4)
  • Mainly butt-welded

First gas high pressure PE 100 pipeline for 12 bar, Vladimir, Russia

Vladimir Oblast in Western Russia

  • Russia is one of the mayor natural gas producers in the world
  • Natural gas represents 53% of the entire Russian energy market
  • The use of PE for gas distribution
  • started beginning of the 1960s

PE 100 was chosen thanks to

  • High corrosion durability  Low cost of maintenance
  • Better flowing qualities  Lower friction losses
  • PE 100: Finathene® XS10B

1 km connection pipe

  • PE 100 160 mm pipeline
  • Operation pressures up to 12 bar (SDR 7.4)
  • Stick length of 12 m
  • Butt-welded

The biggest underwater PE 100 pipe disposal of treated municipal effluent in Greece

Greece's Patras municipality decided in 1996 for a biological cleaning site

  • Large diameter PE 100 pipe to transport cleaned municipal effluent
  • Jacketing concrete blocks to prevent system floating
  • Highly appreciation by the end-user

PE 100 was chosen thanks to

  • Blue coloured pipes  Immediately identification
  • Wall-thickness reduction  Cost improvement
  • Reduced project cost  Roughly 14% less than PE 80
  • PE 100: ELTEX® TUB124

1.44 km transportation pipe

  • PE 100 1,200 mm pipeline
  • SDR 26
  • Operation pressure 6.3 bar
  • Stick lengths of 14 m
  • Jacketing concrete blocks
Last update Thursday 31 May 2018

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