Optimization Design of PVC Drainage Pipe Fittings

Posters # 2014 Chicago

This paper introduces a method to improve the productivity of PVC drainage pipe fittings, by optimizing the structure of product and mould. This method has mainly three improvements compared with the conventional fitting production method: (1) delitescent sprue is applied for the plastic melt injection, therefore the product and sprue can be separated automatically after mould opening, and relieve workers of sprue removing process manually; (2) the fitting can be released automatically with the help of a push pin on the ejector ear; (3) the water circuits are located along with the ring cavity, enhancing the cooling effect, shortening the molding cycle. This method can realize the automatic production of PVC pipe fittings, lowering the labor cost, advancing the productivity

Because of the particularity of the raw materials for PVC drainage pipe fittings which includes CaCO3 addition and poor flowing during the process, conventional product mainly have side sprues which need to be cut by workers after demould. Therefore, in the injection molding production, it’s usually one workerone machine style, increasing labor cost and production period. With the social development and progress, the production labor cost increase constantly, the market competition becomes more and more intenser, labor force reduction and efficiency promotion is urgent in the development of the company.

Related keywords : optimization, design, drainage, fittings, method, structure, product, quality, mould.
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