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Plastic Pipes Conference Association # 2008 Budapest

In this section, you will find a database of all articles presented and published by PPCA in biannual conferences organized by PPCA since 1970.

Advanced Bimodal MDPE for Piping Applications

Author(s) : Michie, Chang, Whited 2008 Budapest

The first NA produced bimodal MDPE pipe resin developed through unique molecular architecture offers significantly better resistance to slow crack growth and rapid crack propagation than traditional unimodal PE2708 / PE2406 products. This high performance resin extrudes well on conventional equipment, has good melt...

An Industry Initiative Addressing The Global Water Challenge

Author(s) : Toogood 2008 Budapest

Fresh water and sanitation are vital to mankind and clearly pollution, rising population and climate change are putting our systems and our futures at risk. Borouge and Borealis have recognised this as the most vital challenge facing our world and have launched the “Water for the World” programme where by working...

Characterizing Long-Term Performance of Plastic Piping Materials in Potable Water Applications

Author(s) : Chung, Li, Oliphant, Vibien, Rozental-Evesque, Rabaud 2008 Budapest

Plastic piping materials confer many advantages for applications in Potable Water transportation. Considerable research has been conducted to develop methodologies for ensuring performance in these applications for service lifetimes that target an excess of 100 years. A key component of these accelerated methodologies...

Novel Qualification Procedure for Lifetime and Safety Assessment of PE Pressure Pipes

Author(s) : Lang, Frank, Pinter 2008 Budapest

For lifetime prediction of pressurized polyethylene (PE) pipes based on methods of the linear elastic fracture mechanics the knowledge of the crack resistance and kinetics of creep crack growth (CCG) is essential. In the present work a rather brittle non pipe material was used to develop a methodology for an...

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Author(s) : Goddard 2008 Budapest

A 600mm (24”) corrugated polyethylene pipe was installed under a fill on Interstate 279 north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the summer of 1987. The pipe was manufactured to meet the current AASHTO M 294-86 specification (1). The total length of pipe installed was 175 m (576 feet), with 61 m (200 feet) meeting Type S,...

Plastic Pipes (PVC, PP and PE) for Bachelor and Master Degree

Author(s) : Moen 2008 Budapest

The plastic pipes producers in Norway cooperate on common technical issues in order to increase the use of plastic pipes. We recognized a need for more knowledge at the early stage - especially for those taking higher education. The existing schoolbooks are very technical and not too up to date regarding the real...

Pressure design of steel mesh reinforced plastic pipes

Author(s) : Zhan jie wang 2008 Budapest

The plastic pipeline industry of China has been developing fast since 1980’s, as the result of the continual market demands from the construction, municipal engineering, agriculture, etc. China has become one of the major plastic pipe producing and application countries.

Socketing System with Thermoforming Process applied to PP and HDPE Corrugated Structured Wall Pipes

Author(s) : Tabanelli, Gulminelli 2008 Budapest

Structured wall plastic pipes (double wall with corrugated external wall) are widely used for underground sewage drains. Socket joints, integrated onto the pipes themselves, are the most commonly used junction system. With PVC-U pipes, the socket is normally thermoformed in the corrugated wall by a specific belling...

Study on the Consumption of Polyethylene Pipe Materials In China

Author(s) : Dongmei Zhe, Ruoqi Wei, Chang Liu, Ye Hua, Yu-e Li 2008 Budapest

The statistic data of the consumption of polyethylene pipe materials in China has been shown in this paper. The developing trend of polyethylene pipe materials in the following 5 to 10 years in China has been studied and the predicting data of the consumption of polyethylene pipe materials in China has been shown in...

The Benefits of Pipelines Innovation - the Advantages of Using Plastics for Water Industries in Italy

Author(s) : Marangoni Alessandro 2008 Budapest

The study analyses the economic, environmental and technical effects of using plastics in drinking water and wastewater networks, through a keen Cost-Benefit Analysis. The project starts from the assumption that utilities networks are key factors to guarantee satisfactory services for all the citizens. Low innovation...

The Development of Multilayer Pipe Constructions

Author(s) : Goetzloff 2008 Budapest

Keywords : BorSafe, PE100-RC, Multilayer Pipes, Sandless bedding, Trenchless technologies, HE3490-LS-H During the recent period, many pipe suppliers in Europe have extended their product portfolio with multilayer pipes solutions. Their target in the first instance was to be able to offer a product for the more and...

The next gas Fronteer

Author(s) : Zhou Minhong 2008 Budapest

The advanced bimodal PE4710 materials enable its applications in large diameter gas pipe to replace cast iron and steel pipe. Among the three key field performances, the pressure rating is independent of pipe diameters. However, the SCG and RCP properties are dependent of pipe diameters. As pipe diameters increases,...

Thermal Stability and Long-Term Strength of Plastics Pipes Required

Author(s) : Kazuhisa Igawa 2008 Budapest

Plastic pipes such as PEX and PB pipes have been widely used for water and hot water supply, and for central heating for residential use in Japan. The qualities of PEX and PB pipes and joints have been maintained at high levels as products and as jointing techniques for 20 years or more in Japan. There are few...

A New Complete PEX-A Pipe Production Concept with Infrared Crosslinking

Author(s) : Martin Deters 2008 Budapest

A Reliable Bench Testing

Author(s) : Rozental 2008 Budapest

Brittle Failure Regime in Pressurized HDPE Pipes Revisited

Author(s) : Men, Lilge, Enderle, Rieger 2008 Budapest

Buried PA 12 Pipes for the Transport of Gas & Water

Author(s) : Hessel 2008 Budapest

Ca-Based Alternative Stabilisers - Trends in PVC Pipes and Fittings

Author(s) : Anders 2008 Budapest

Characterization of the Property profile of Old PE Gas Pipes in Service for up to 30 Years

Author(s) : Frank, Podingbauer, Liedauer, McCarthy, Haager, Pinter 2008 Budapest

China Plastics Pipe, Status, Development & Trend

Author(s) : Zhanjie 2008 Budapest

Contribution of the Polish Water Association to the Market Development

Author(s) : Drzewiecki, Wroblewska 2008 Budapest

Correlation Factor S4 Test

Author(s) : Vanspeybroeck 2008 Budapest

Corrugated Pipe Sewage Systems with High Reliability

Author(s) : Hetzner 2008 Budapest

Determination and Evaluation of Stress Cracking in the Structural Components of Corrugated High Density PE Pipe

Author(s) : Kurdziel John 2008 Budapest

Determination of Interfacial Pressure in Crimped Fitting Assemblies

Author(s) : Choi 2008 Budapest

Development of a Nol Ring Test to Study PE Pipe Degradations

Author(s) : Rozental Magali 2008 Budapest

Development of a UK Specification for PE Barrier Pipes

Author(s) : Shepherd, Water, Hill 2008 Budapest

Development of Multilayered Pipe Solutions in CEE

Author(s) : Kurelec 2008 Budapest

Direct Addition of Calcium Carbonate

Author(s) : Mueller 2008 Budapest

Duct Design & Performance, for Underground High Voltage Power Cables

Author(s) : Parsons 2008 Budapest

Electrofusion Technique for Pipes up to D800

Author(s) : Eckert 2008 Budapest

Experience with PP Pipes Used in Steel Mills

Author(s) : Haager, Gruber, Lueghamer, Nitsche 2008 Budapest

Extension of the Application Field of PE 100 Pipes

Author(s) : Belloir 2008 Budapest

Fatigue Crack Propagation of PVC-U and PVC-M Pipes in a Water Environment

Author(s) : Samt, Whittle, Hoffman, Burford 2008 Budapest

Fatigue-Limits, Fatigue Threshold and Other Random

Author(s) : West,Truss, Croker, Chapman 2008 Budapest

Field Installations and Aged Sample Evaluation Polyamide 12 Natural Gas Distribution Systems Operating at Pressures up to 20 bar

Author(s) : Wolf, Nakamura 2008 Budapest

First Waiver For a High Pressure Polyamide 12 Gas Installation

Author(s) : Dowe, Lohmar 2008 Budapest

Fluoropolymers Piping Systems

Author(s) : Neubauer 2008 Budapest

Fracture Mechanics - Analysis of Multiplayer

Author(s) : Nezbedova, Knesl, Sestakova, Vlach 2008 Budapest

Getting Production in Motion Using Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe

Author(s) : Weller 2008 Budapest

Harmonisation of PE Pipe Buttfusion Procedures and Test Methods

Author(s) : Beech, Hutten, Ritz 2008 Budapest

HDPE Pipe Application in Alpine Regions

Author(s) : Schulte 2008 Budapest

Higher Performance PP-RCT Hot and Cold Water Pipes Score in the Middle

Author(s) : Chedid, Abbo, Jansen 2008 Budapest

Increasing Importance of Rapid Crack Propagation for Gas

Author(s) : Palermo, Michie, Chang 2008 Budapest

Influence of Local Gelation Degree on the Frequency of Breaks of PVC Pressure Pipes

Author(s) : Muschik, Dragaun, Valenta 2008 Budapest

Large Diameter PE Gas Distribution Mains

Author(s) : Lively 2008 Budapest

Large PVC Pipe - Canadian Experience

Author(s) : Lefort 2008 Budapest

Laserwelding + Molecular Orientation

Author(s) : Bos 2008 Budapest

Lead-Free Stabilization for PVC Pipes

Author(s) : Hebrard, Lundquist, Cho 2008 Budapest

LICAN - Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Water Networks

Author(s) : Ambrose, Rahilly, DeSilva, Burn 2008 Budapest

Lifetime of Electrofusion Joints

Author(s) : Lowe, Ingham, Starkey 2008 Budapest

Lifetime of PVC-U Pipelines

Author(s) : Meerman 2008 Budapest

Long-Term Performance

Author(s) : Chung, Li, Oliphant, Vibien, Rozental-Evesque, Rabaud) 2008 Budapest

Long-Term Performance of Butt-Welded Thick Pipes and Properties of Sugar-Sag-Resistant PE 100 Material

Author(s) : Laurent 2008 Budapest

Methane Permeation through Advanced High-Pressure Plastics Pipes

Author(s) : Scholten, Rijpkema 2008 Budapest

Middle East's largest HDPE pipe project

Author(s) : Almehairi 2008 Budapest

Middle East's largest HDPE Pipe Project - Borouge 2 Sea-Water Cooling Lines

Author(s) : Walton, Al Mehairi, Ebner, Jepson 2008 Budapest

Non Conventional Installation Technique Requirements

Author(s) : Godon 2008 Budapest

Pennsylvania Deep Burial Study

Author(s) : Goddard 2008 Budapest

Pipe Market in the CEE

Author(s) : Skarka 2008 Budapest

Plastic Pipe - A Critical Tool for Water Resource Management

Author(s) : Sandstrum 2008 Budapest

Polymers Long Term Sustainability

Author(s) : Orts 2008 Budapest

Polysulfones in Fitting Applications

Author(s) : Goettgens 2008 Budapest

PVC - Nanocomposites Increasing the Softening Temperature

Author(s) : Marossy, Velki, Fodor 2008 Budapest

PVC Pipes in Gas Distribution

Author(s) : Hermkens 2008 Budapest

PVC-MWNT Nanocomposites

Author(s) : Leskovics, Velki, Marossy 2008 Budapest

Quick Switch - Inline Dimension Change in PVC Pipe Extrusion

Author(s) : Lachhammer 2008 Budapest

Rate Process Method Applied to Service Life Forecast of PE Molded Fittings

Author(s) : Palermo 2008 Budapest

REACH and its Potential Effects on the Use of PVC in Pipes

Author(s) : Howick 2008 Budapest

Recent Advances in Larger Diameter Polyamide-11 Gas Distributuin Piping Systems

Author(s) : Mason, Chen, Dang 2008 Budapest

Residental PEX Water supply plumbing systems

Author(s) : George Rubiez 2008 Budapest

Resistance of Large Diameter PE Pipes to Internal Pressure

Author(s) : Hessel 2008 Budapest

Resistance of PVC Pipes against Disinfectants

Author(s) : Fumire 2008 Budapest

Selection of Pipe Materials for the Wimmera-Mallee Pipeline Project

Author(s) : Jackson 2008 Budapest

Short Term Pressure Testing - Does it fit with Real pipeline Lifetime on Modern PE Materials

Author(s) : Baeckman, Salles, Sandberg 2008 Budapest

Static Loading Methods without Wetting Agents for Determination of Slow Crack Growth in PE 100

Author(s) : Tischler, Kratochvilla, Muschik, Dragaun 2008 Budapest

Stress relaxtion and stabilization of depply buried thermoplastic pipe

Author(s) : White 2008 Budapest

Study of PEX Pipe Durability Evaluation and Possibility of Diagnosis

Author(s) : Naoto Tominaga 2008 Budapest

Study on Oxygen Permeability of the Pipes Applied for Cold and Hot Water

Author(s) : Yue LI 2008 Budapest

Studying the Ageing Behaviour

Author(s) : Wuest, Engelsing, Wenzel, Bruell, Geertz, Rudschuck 2008 Budapest

SuDS and Beyond in the UK

Author(s) : Evans 2008 Budapest

The Application of PVC-O Pipes for Water Supply and Pressure Sewage

Author(s) : Alferink 2008 Budapest

The Assessment of the Resistance of PE100 Materials

Author(s) : McGoldrick, Baeckman, Haager 2008 Budapest

The Challenges Faced by the Plastics Pipe Industry in South Africa

Author(s) : Venter 2008 Budapest

The Changing World of the Chemical Industry and its Impact on the Pipe Industry

Author(s) : Brescia 2008 Budapest

The Chemical Resistance of CPVC in Demanding Industrial Applications - Trends in Existing

Author(s) : Breiner 2008 Budapest

The Developing Market for Plastics Pipes in the Middle East and the Need for the GPPA

Author(s) : Lawrence 2008 Budapest

The Mechanisms of Chlorine Dioxide Oxidation of Plastic Piping Systems

Author(s) : Chung, Tieqi, Oliphant, Vibien 2008 Budapest

The Miracle - CaCO3 Load of uPVC and Chalking of Pipes

Author(s) : Schiller, Huismann, Pelzl 2008 Budapest

The Role of Fiber Glass Tape Reinforcement on Hydrostatic Burst Behavior

Author(s) : Pyo 2008 Budapest

The Slow Peel Test as a Tool for Assessing the Integrity of Electro Fused Joints

Author(s) : Scholten, Wolters 2008 Budapest

The Strength of Flexibility

Author(s) : Samaras 2008 Budapest

Thermal Ageing of PE 100 Pipes for Accelerated Lifetime Prediction under Service Conditions

Author(s) : Vogt, Enderle, Schulte, Hessel 2008 Budapest

Transport propertis of polymer pipes

Author(s) : Flaconneche 2008 Budapest

Trends in PE Pressure Pipe Market in Europe

Author(s) : Belloir, Suys, Bruselle 2008 Budapest

Use of PE Pipe in Safety-Related Nuclear Power Plant Piping

Author(s) : Krishnaswamy, Shim, Focht 2008 Budapest

Will our Future be Sustainable

Author(s) : Mertens 2008 Budapest

Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project

Author(s) : Whittle, Resenberger, Tan 2008 Budapest

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