Research on Application of PE Pipelines in Dredging Field

Papers # 2014 Chicago

The paperpresentsa study on the velocity distribution and pipe wear under various situations.The study is based on two-fluid model and fluid boundary conditions. The pilot test wascarried out in Guangzhou. The abrasion of HDPE pipe under different conditions was seen.Other comparisons to steel pipes included abrasion resistance, pressure losses and the use of flanges.A new idea to solve the program of abrasion at the pipe joint was proposed.New idea to solve the problem of abrasion at pipe jointing was proposed. This work determined how best to apply HDPE pies in the application of dredging by taking advantage of HDPE properties.

Abrasion is the main cause for the shorten lifetimeof pipes used in dredging work. Thedegree of abrasion is related to a few factors, such as pipe materials, pipe structures, pipeinstallation, slurry content, flow rate and medium, etc. It is two-fluid pattern in the pipe.Durand and Wilson are the pioneers in the study of two-fluid model [1, 2]. Mayoused didmore systematic research based on others work. And Ni Fusheng studied sedimenttransport characteristics of different size and drag reduction characteristics of fine sedimentin the dredging laboratory of Delft University in Netherlands [3]. China's vast territory, largerivers and lakes, soil characteristics vary widely. The solid particles can be tens of micronsof silt, sand in millimeter, pebbles in centimeter, or even hard chunks of sticky mud. Thesecharacteristics determine the complexity of dredging pipe applications. However, pipes areleaking due to abrasion during the time of use. So both pipe producers and dredgingengineering companies should carry out design and material selection bycombining with the characteristics of polyethylene plastic pipe performance under differentconditions.

Related keywords : pipe, hdpe, flow, steel, slurry, pressure, wall, rate, fluid.
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