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PE technical guidance
HDPE Pipe technical guidance (High quality Polyethylene Pipes)

Decision module

Quick access

The design and project data is fed to the decision model which runs two components:

  • Necessary - Data supplied by the user which defines the basic performance requirements for the PE100 pipe.
  • Feasible - A Feasibility subroutine that through a process of elimination provides a list of feasible trenchless methods. Additional user input may be required to consider impact and risk if this data is not gathered during the Specific Project or Design Module Data process.

Running the routine will display the trenchless methods which may be applicable to your project. The routine will also display the proposed PE100 pipe characteristics.

The output from the Decision Routine is only a guide to provide the user with possible trenchless methods of installing the PE100 pipe. Those practitioners experienced in the design and installation by the possible method(s) suggested should be consulted to ensure that the project is appropriately designed and constructed to meet all the needs and performance requirements.

Decision Criteria

The decision criteria used in decision process is shown in the table below. The table can also be used to manually evaluate possibly viable trenchless methods for a project

** Close-fit linings may be designed as structural or interactive. If they are structural then pressure is dependent on SDR of the PE100 lining. If they are interactive so the host pipe sustains the pressure then pressure may be higher because it is not dependent on the PE100 lining.

Scroll down to start the project evaluation and decision process.

Utility Sector
Installation type
Minimum Required Internal Diameter of Pipe in mm
Existing Pipe Internal Diameter in mm - Leave blank if not applicable
PE100 Pipe Performance Requirements:
Design Factor of Safety (C) - Minimum 1.25 for water; Minimum 2.0 for gas
Minimum required Operating Pressure in bar.
Length of section in metres
Prevailing Conditions:
Existing Pipe Material (if applicable)
Tightest Bends in existing pipe (if applicable)
Predominant ground type at pipe depth
Are any of the following materials anticipated to be present?




Utility Sector
Installation Type
Proposed PE100 pipe - SDR
Proposed PE100 pipe - Outside Diameter (mm)
Proposed PE100 pipe - Nominal Wall Thickness (mm)
Proposed PE100 pipe - Nominal Internal Diameter (mm)
Proposed PE100 pipe - Maximum Operating Pressure "MOP" (bar)
Trenchless Method(s) to Consider.
Method Notes
Last update Monday 28 September 2015

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