Influence of Additives on Structure and Property of Bimodal Polyethylene Pipe Material YGH041T

Papers # 2014 Chicago

The polyethylene resin whose relative molecular mass distribution shows bimodal (Bimodal PE) possesses not only favorable mechanical property, but also excellent processing property. Currently, Borstar Technology of Borealis Company—loop slurry reactor and gas fluidized bed reactor install in series, which is introduced by Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co Ltd (Abbreviation:SPC), is one of the successful examples which produce such bimodal polyethylene resin. International petrochemical authoritative institutions named the supercritical technology of Borstar Technology as one of the worldwide polyolefin industries’ three breakthroughs in 1990s, which with supercondensation technology and Metallocene polyethylene technology are considered as newly significant technologies of global polyethylene production development. 

In this paper, the bimodal polyethylene black pipe material YGH041T of Borstar technology production was analyzed with its similar material sample which was produced by using different from additives of YGH041T resin) together. The authors studied the crystallinity property, rheological behavior and relative molecular mass and its distribution of these two bimodal polyethylene black pipe materials (sample No.1 for YGH041T and sample No.2 for similar material of YGH041T ); both samples belonged to the same material but produced with different additives. The results indicate that the difference in mechanical properties of two samples can be attributed to the discrepancy in their relative molecular mass and its distribution and crystallinity property. If sample No.2 is desired to exhibit rheological behavior identical with sample No. 1 in the extrusion process, its die melt temperature has to reach over 200 C.

Related keywords : sample, weight, molecular, temperature, produce, table, lower, flow.
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