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Plastic Pipes Conference Association # 1979 Brigthon

In this section, you will find a database of all articles presented and published by PPCA in biannual conferences organized by PPCA since 1970.

A Study of Long-Term Strength and Creep Rupture in uPVC Plastics Pipe

Author(s) : Jumppanen, Leppaevuroi, Vaelimaa 1979 Brigthon

The influence of processing variables on long term strength of pipe materials and on long term resistance values to internal pressure of pipes have been studied by the use of axial creep and creep rupture tests and standard...

An Analysis of Past and Future Markets for Thermoplatics Pipes

Author(s) : McNally 1979 Brigthon

Production and Consumption data for the major European pipe producing nations are given and the major pipe markets for PVC and the Polyolefins are identified Comparison is made with market data from the United States. Projections for the future of the European pipe industry are offered. Transportation by pipeline...

Applications and Applicational Limits of Plastic Pipework Systems for Industrial Installations

Author(s) : Lindner 1979 Brigthon

Pipework systems from plastics have obtained, a prominent significance for todays industry. In this field they have, in a noteworthy manner, replaced other materials previously used for such purposes. Their anplicational range is very extensive. Cost saving installation methods, high operational safety and low...

Corrosion Control with Glass Fiber reinforced Plastics in the Power Industry in the USA

Author(s) : Moore, Sprecher 1979 Brigthon

Power engineers have an urgent need for the extreme corrosion resistance which GRP can provide. Engineers in the power industry are finding that GRP materials have the properties needed to meet the new requirements - and that they can do so at reasonable cost. We believe that the power industry will continue to be a...

Designing to Prevent Failure by Buckling on PVC Pipes

Author(s) : Stapel, Steenbergen 1979 Brigthon

A survey is given of suction press on PVC pipes Discussed are buckling of elastic materials, the deviations of existing theories occurring because of non circular, visco-elasticity of PVC, forced deformation and support of the soi 1 Some design criteria for short- and long-term loading are discussed. Product...

Evaluation and Usage of Joint Seals of UPVC Pipe Systems

Author(s) : Hunt 1979 Brigthon

Over the years tree root penetration of sewers has been a major problem in Australia in the condition of lcw annual rainfall and long dry periods as experienced in South Australia and also the subtropical Northern areas, with accelerated growth conditions of heat and moisture. As a result root growth takes the form...

Examination of cross linked Polyethylene for Heating Systems

Author(s) : Roseen, Bergman 1979 Brigthon

Hot water pipes made of peroxide and silane cross linked polyethylene have been tested comprehensively since 1974. The test programme includes long term hydrostatic tests of straight pipes at elevated temperatures in water, air and detergents. The influence of pipe bends, degree of cross linking, and antioxidant...

Experience of Long-Term Behaviour of uPVC Gravity Sewers

Author(s) : Gehrels, Elzink 1979 Brigthon

The main concern over the behaviour of buried plastics pipes is the occurrence of deflection. Theories are useless if not checked by field measurements to remove uncertainties, Over the last 15 years. 25 km of pipeline in 600 different sections have been measured in 5 West-European countries in quite different...

Failure Processes in Filament Wound GRP Pipe

Author(s) : Hull 1979 Brigthon

Failure of laminates is described in terms of the fracture of the constituent laminae with particular reference to GRP pipe. The information required to characterise the properties of the laminae is considered and the methods of relating the applied loads on the laminates to the laminae stresses is introduced....

Fracture Modes in Medium Density Polyethylene Gas Piping Systems

Author(s) : Bragaw 1979 Brigthon

Medium density polyethylene pipe systems have been successfully used in North America and the United Kingdom for gas distribution In the 12-year period over which experience has been accumulated, field situations presenting various potential hazards have been analyzed to enable the pipeline engineer to anticipate the...

Glassfibre Reinforced Plastics Pipework for Chemical Plant

Author(s) : Gray 1979 Brigthon

Pipework constructed in glassfibre composites is now used in many Process Industries. The design methods derived for these materials have shown that they exhibit characteristics not usually considered in general engineering design. These concepts are briefly described together with their relevance in the overall...

Grow Moulding A new Conception in the Manufacture of Plastics Pipes

Author(s) : Hart 1979 Brigthon

With the ever increasing cost of oil and that of plastics materials derived £ram it, there is an urgent need to use plastics materials to their maximum advantage. One large outlet for these materials i.s in plastics pipes for non pressure purposes In the larger diameters they are not competitive with pipes made £ran...

Loading Tests on uPVC Pipes installed in cohesive and non-cohesive Bedding Materials

Author(s) : Trott, Stevens 1979 Brigthon

Lengths of 300 mrn uPVC pipe (Class B) were subjected to a standard pro-- gramme of dynamic and static loading in trenches dug in a laboratory test pit filled with sandy clay. Ten tests are described, with the pipes installed in a range of different bedding conditions. The cumulative vertical deflection of the pipes...

Materials Selection for HDPE Pipes

Author(s) : Price, Gray 1979 Brigthon

The properties of HDPE pipe materials necessary to satisfy processing and performance requirements are considered. Methods of predicting pipe performance are discussed, and experimental data are presented to support the predictive technique. High density polyethylene is now well established as one of the major...

National and International Standardization related to Plastics Pipes

Author(s) : Jones 1979 Brigthon

Standardization is defined and the national and international committees responsible for work on plastics pipes detailed. Their work is discussed both with a historical approach and in relation to the problems.

Non-Destructive Testing of Heated Tool Butt Welded Pipes Using Optical Methods

Author(s) : Potente, de Zeeuw 1979 Brigthon

Ultrasonic and radiographic methods were used up to now to locate discontinuities in materials. The author shows that it is also possible to determine other factors which have an adverse effect on quality. A num- ber of conditions are discussed which exert an influence on the strain of materials It is shown that...

Performance Testing of GRP Pipe Systems

Author(s) : Nunnikhoven 1979 Brigthon

A description is given of the standard practice performance testing of GRP pipes and materials. In GRP systems, as in other major construction materials, in most cases the project specification includes a performance test. The performance tests include a number of destructive tests. These tests have to prove that the...

Plastics Gas Distribution Systems, A Review of Current Practice

Author(s) : Benjamin 1979 Brigthon

Current practice and experience can give valuable information to those applying plastics to gas distribution systems for the first time. However, it is essential that this information only be applied with appreciation of the factors which should determine the choice of material and system for a particular...

Plastics in gas distribution

Author(s) : Reynolds 1979 Brigthon

The introduction of metric polyethylene gas distribution systems, metrication of the infra structure and adoption of new techniques collectively implies a short cut to chaos. Progress has been dramatic by any standard and this paper highlights those factors contributory to the implementation of the above programme by...

Plastics Pipe Systems for Hot Water Services

Author(s) : Elliott 1979 Brigthon

The author seeks to define the service conditions for plastics pipe systems for use in domestic hot water distribution and conventional central heating systems, outlines methods of assessing long tern performance of materials and systems and briefly reviews commercially available materials for these...

Plastics Pipes in Water Distribution - Hopes and Fears

Author(s) : Burgess 1979 Brigthon

The use of plastic pipes in water distribution networks, as trunk mains, distribution mains and service pipes is considered. Reference is made to the benefits of using plastics pipes, together with the problems encountered in association with the environmental conditions in which pipes are laid. The hopes and fears...

Polypropylene Pipes - Properties and Choice

Author(s) : Colbert 1979 Brigthon

Polypropylene is a versatile nlaterial for the nlanufacture of pipe and in this gaper a1 up to date view is talcen of its properties - drawing in addition on the now lengtlly history of satisfactory performance in service. Because PP is often used in specialised applications and because there is a...

Polyvinylidene Fluoride for Piping Operating Under Highly Corrosive Conditions

Author(s) : Dilley 1979 Brigthon

The high crystal energy of PVDF combined with the strength of the C-F bond make it probably the strongest of the fluoropolpers. Chemical resistance is outstanding, as one would expect of a fluoropolper, so the material has a useful combination of properties to offer in the field of piping. A brief summary of the...

Predicting the Creep Rupture Life of Polyethylene Pipe

Author(s) : Barton, Cherry 1979 Brigthon

A number of techniques have in the past been proposed for the determination of the life of a plastic pipe exposed to pressure. This paper examines the yield criteria which may be applicable to such a system and proposes a new technique for the interpretation of the accelerated creep rupture curves which may be...

Present and Projected Markets for HDPE Pipe in Scandinavia

Author(s) : Asman 1979 Brigthon

Scandinavia consists of Sweden,Norway and Denmark but in this paper Finland will be included also; giving a geographical block termed the Nordic countries. Together the Nordic countries have a population of 22 millions. Their per capita consumption for high density polyethylene materials for pipe is the highest in...

Pressure Fatigue Testing of Plastics Pipes

Author(s) : Joseph 1979 Brigthon

The construction of apparatus for cyclic pressure fatigue testing of 60 mm and 168 mm diameter plastic pipes is described. The results of tests at 1 Hz at 20°C and at 10°C at various stress amplitudes and mean stress levels are given for 60 mm diameter uPVC pipe. A comparison is made between specimen lifetime and...

Slip-Lining of the Municipal Sewer Mains with HDPE Piping in the US

Author(s) : Taylor 1979 Brigthon

In the United States, the success of High Density Polyethylene with it 'S butt fusion joining has revolutionized the gas distribution industry and is now becoming a real and necessary consideration in the rehabilitation of Water and Sewer mains as well as sewer service lines This paper will cover various...

Standard Testing of Pipes and the Examination of Failures

Author(s) : Berry 1979 Brigthon

The paper reviews the current Standards for plastics pipe testing explaining the significance of the results achieved In the second half of the paper a number of investigations into pipe failures are described showing the method of attacking such a problem and the...

Stimulating Local Authorities to Use Plastics in On-Coming Municipal Projects

Author(s) : Howie 1979 Brigthon

The major market for plastics pipes is still in the building, civil engineering and related public services industries but, although proven Pully reliable and much more economical on these n :lplications, less than half the pipes used in housing and other projects under the cor~trol of Local and Regional Authorities...

Surge and Fatigue in uPVC Sewer Rising Mains

Author(s) : Kirby 1979 Brigthon

The causes of surge in sewer rising mains are discussed together with failures experienced in uPVC pressure pipes used for rising mains. These are related to laboratory data on the dynamic fatigue...

The Advantages and Suitability of uPVC Pipes for Hot Climates

Author(s) : Doughty 1979 Brigthon

As a result of his company's experience in the Middle East, the author hopes to give details of the advantages of uPVC and other plastic pipe systems for hot climates, tempered with the constraints necessary to produce a trouble free installation. Thereby indicating the inherent suitability of these nine systems for...

The Lubonyl DSA - An Underground Sewage Pipe System

Author(s) : Svensson 1979 Brigthon

Plastic as material for underground sewage systems has come to stay. During the last ten years, underground sewage pipes of PVC have come into such a use within the dimension range of 110 - 200 mm, that no other previous systems have succeeded in reaching in an equally short time. It is, however,possible to develop...

The Need to Revise is 1167, Dealing with Pressure Testing

Author(s) : Gons 1979 Brigthon

The influence of test conditions and important test parameters on the resistance of uPVC pipe to internal water pressure is investigated, It is shown that failure time depends on the method of clamping and free sample !ength. The relation between temperature and failure tinie/failure mechanism is studied at 20 OC and...

The Role of GRP - An Introductory Review

Author(s) : Barker 1979 Brigthon

Glass reinforced thermosetting plastic pipes share with thermoplastic pipes the advantages of corrosion resistance and lightness. They are currently finding increasing market acceptance, especially for large diameter water distribution and sewerage applications where the alternatives of concrete, steel...

The Use of Fracture Mechanics for the Prediction of Failure of Thermoplastics Pipes

Author(s) : Birch, Howarth, Marshall 1979 Brigthon

The paper is a brief resum of a large project which has sought to investigate the use of fracture mechanics in evaluating the failure properties of a number of common thermoplastics pressure pipe materials. In this outline, the results of tests made on uPVC and YDPE pipes are described. Pre-notched pipes have been...

Crack Propagation in PE Pipes

Author(s) : Gaube, Mueller 1979 Brigthon

Processing of Polypropylene Pressure Pipes

Author(s) : Muschik, Detter 1979 Brigthon

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