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In this section, you will find a database of all articles presented and published by PPCA in biannual conferences organized by PPCA since 1970.

PVDF Pipe Systems for Supply of Chlorinated Chemicals

Author(s) : Parker, Wydle) 1985 York

A small nunber of premture failures have occurred in PVDF pipe system carrying chlorimted mcals. A proposed explanation of such failures is that the observed deterioration in the physical properties of mF is a result of at-& by atanic chlorine produced under service conditions. Evidence is presented showing that...

Rapid Crack Propagation in PE Pipes Studied by Modified Robertson Tests

Author(s) : Wolters 1985 York

The modified Robertson test is a test method by which ina rather simple and quick way crack arrest and (limited) crack propagation are distinguished, provided that crack speed over the crack length is measured. Rather large variations in rapid crack propagation (RCP) behaviour of different PE types have been found. At...

Relevance and Application of Fracture Toughness Measurements for UPVC

Author(s) : Moore, Prediger, Stephenson 1985 York

Fracture mechanics techniques are applied to UPVC pipe compositions in order to obtain quantitative and credible toughness results. The influence of polymer molecular weight and pipe age-in-service is then examined.The techniques are also applied to considerations of material toughness and pipe toughness.Plastics...

Severn-Trent Water Authoritys Experience on Laying Medium Density PE Pipe

Author(s) : Thompson 1985 York

Over the past three years the Authority has been examining materials used for the laying of mains and services. With the introduction of MDPE to the Water Industry this has given the opportunity to examine this new material and compare i t with the more traditional pipelaying materials. In order to carry out this work...

Sewer Renovation - Site Experiences and Future Developments

Author(s) : Rice 1985 York

A market awaits the Plastics Industry with the renovation of deteriorating sewers. Plastic pipes feature strongly in small diameter renovation techniques. To successfully exploit this market it will be necessary for civil engineers to understand more about polymers and polymer...

Specifying High Toughness in PE Pressure Pipes

Author(s) : Marshall, Birch 1985 York

It is proposed that present Specifications for PE Pressure pipes are essentially undemanding and tests do not simulate service conditions. Perfect pipes are assessed rather than pipes which have sustained handling and installation ‘damage’.Flaws and defects have caused many problems with other thermoplastics pipes...

Static Calculation of Load of Buried HDPE Pipes with Profiled Wall and Smooth Pipe Inside

Author(s) : Koch, Meldt 1985 York

Trials to investigate the deformation and buckling behaviour of HDPE pipes with profiled outer wall and smooth bore are reported. Results show that the deformation and stability check can be carried out in the same way as for solid-wall pipes. However, an additional check on circumferential compressive stresses is...

The Abrasion Resistance of Polymers in Slurry Environments

Author(s) : Lowe, Marshall 1985 York

A new test has been developed to evaluate the abrasion performance of different pipe materials. The Rotating Pipe Test simulates sliding bed flow of a slurry and gives quite excellent data reproducibility. The influence of sample geometry and slurry changing frequency and particle size have been assessed. The effects...

The Design and Performance of Thermoplastic Valves

Author(s) : Dibbo 1985 York

Thermoplastic valve design and moulding technology is a dynamic situation responding to market demands with new and improved products. The wide range of valves currently available in the different thermoplastics will be reviewed and compared. Particular emphasis will be given to actuation and control as well as safety...

The Development of a Novel Electrofusion System

Author(s) : Answell 1985 York

The electrofusion technique far polyolefins, and in particular, polyethylene pipe and system assembly has many advantages aver heated tool fusion or mechanical jointing methods of assembly, not least of...

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