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Applications and Applicational Limits of Plastic Pipework Systems for Industrial Installations



Plastic Pipes Conference Association # 1979 Brigthon


Pipework systems from plastics have obtained, a prominent significance for todays industry. In this field they have, in a noteworthy manner, replaced other materials previously used for such purposes. Their anplicational range is very extensive. Cost saving installation methods, high operational safety and low servicing expenditures distinguish pnlastic pipework systems.
However, a prerequisite to achieve such aims is a thorough planning. In this respect and denendant unon the to be expected load parameters of medium, pressure, temperature and service life, a careful choice of the most suitable materials for pipes, fittings, valves and seals must be made.

There 1s hardly a branch of industry today which does not make use of the advantages offered by plastic pinelines. To name some examples: water treatment plants could hardly be built at such a moderate price, and offer such safe and maintenance free service, without the use of plastics. Pneumatically actuated valves give fully automatic operation and adjustment to the prevailing qualitative conditions of the water. It goes without saying that plastics play an important part in the treatment of waste water, as the neutralising process calls for various types of acids and alkalis. Plastic pipelines are installed in acid filling plants just as they are in the various types of foodstuff plants. This series of examples could be continued at will. It should serve to give those who are less familiar with the subject some idea of the possibilities, without going into detail.

The technical possibilities available today for the use of thermoplastic materials in pipeline construction will be demonstrated later on and advice can be given on the choice of materials and on planning and processing.

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