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Cooking on gas, or how future energy sources will shape the pipe industry

Author(s) : Hugues Haubruge 2012 Barcelona

The days of cheap and easy oil are gone. While peak oil might not be upon us yet, the increasing costs and complexity of oil extraction will cause the production of conventional crude to plateau in the next decades, driving the adoption of alternative energy sources. Among these, hydrocarbons still hold the lion’s...

CPVC in Fire Sprinkler Systems

Author(s) : Sinikka Freidhof 2012 Barcelona

Lubrizol Advanced Materials Inc. is a leading world manufacturer of postchlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) and has specifically designed compounds for use in fire sprinkler systems. CPVC pipes and fittings provide unique advantages in sprinkler installations, including superior hydraulics, ease of joining and ease...

Custom made plastic pipes and fittings produced from polyethylene monocomposite

Author(s) : Thorsten Späth 2012 Barcelona

The use of plastic pipes is very common in many applications such as pressure less sewer pipes as well as pressure pipes up to a limited pressure level. This limit is naturally given by the moderate strength of plastic materials compared to metallic materials such as steel. Corrosion resistance and the high...


Author(s) : Toshiki SHIMURA, Shinobu KAWAGUCHI Kazumi NAKAYAMA, Tomoko WATANABE, Yoshito OHTAKE 2012 Barcelona

To clarify the appropriate acceleration test method and the evaluation index for it, a series of acceleration tests was conducted on commercial poly-propylene (PP) pipe for outside use. Various tests and analyses were carried out on degraded PP pipes and these results were compared with PP pipe that had actually been...

Development of an automated phased array ultrasonic inspection system and flaw acceptance criteria for welded joints in polyethylene pipes

Author(s) : Troughton Mike 2012 Barcelona

The current practice for assuring the quality of butt fusion and electrofusion welded joints during installation is by recording the welding parameters used, together with a visual inspection of the welded joint, supplemented by the destructive testing of welds on a sample basis using a short-term test. However,...

Development of an enhanced chlorine resistant antioxidant package for potential use in polyethylene using a rapid LC-MS technique

Author(s) : Joseph Sebastian 2012 Barcelona

The development of an antioxidant package for chlorine resistance of polyethylene pipe is a time-intensive exercise. The usual testing protocol consists of compounding a number of different additive packages into polyethylene, preparing molded samples and then aging these samples in a sodium hypochlorite bleach...

Development of innovative pipe coiling process minimises field welding in HDPE gas pipelines

Author(s) : Connolly Rodger 2012 Barcelona

This paper outlines a process for deforming high-density polyethylene pipe into an elliptical form to permit pipes >DN160, up to DN315, to be factory-coiled on small diameter reels. The coiled pipe may then be transported to its installation site on conventional semi trailers, in continuous lengths of up to 300...

Do voluntary Quality Marks have a future next to CEmarking?

Author(s) : Meerman Henk 2012 Barcelona

CE marking and Quality Marks Construction products as per the Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC and EU-regulation 302/2011 - CPD The aim is to the removal of technical barriers to the free circulation of goods by harmonizing around 2000 European standards and hundreds of European Technical Approvals. These...

Effect of antioxidants of polyethylene of raised temperature resistance (PE-RT) pipes for a long lifetime for hot water supply and for space heating

Author(s) : Nishimura Hiroyuki 2012 Barcelona

The effect of antioxidants of polyethylene of raised temperature resistance (PE-RT) pipes for a long lifetime for hot water supply and for space heating was evaluated in this paper. Some polyethylene specimens mixed with different amount of antioxidants such as hindered phenol and hindered amine were prepared by...

Effect of Environmental Temperatures on PE Water Pipe Application

Author(s) : Zhang Zhihao, Zheng Xiaoming 2012 Barcelona

PE pipes have been used for many years in China. However, due to lack for engineering experience, some failure or leakages caused by PE pipe axial shrinkage have occurred in practice. In particular leaks were observed at or near the joints between metal and PE pipes. Suspecting that the cause of the leakage was the...

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