Anna Wroblewska - Wavin - European Sales Manager Renovation

Anna Wroblewska

Anna Wroblewska - Wavin - European Sales Manager Renovation

“For Wavin company – the leading producer of plastic pipes - the highest quality of products offered to the customers is a matter of the highest importance. The necessary condition for manufacturing the high-quality pipes is the high-quality raw material. For many years Wavin has produced PE100 pipes by using raw materials placed on the PE100+ Associations list of “PE100+ Quality Materials”. The quality of raw material is continuously controlled by independent research institutes and by Wavin quality control systems. Thanks that buying our products customers receive certainty that Wavin pipes’ quality is higher than required standards. The results from our laboratory tests and opinion of the end-users (waterworks and gasworks) confirm firmly the fact."

Created Thursday 05 February 2009