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TEPPFA Forum 2015TEPPFA Forum 2015

TEPPFA Forum 2015, organized with the support of the Plastic Pipes Conference Association to which PE100+ Association is a member, is the largest and most international convention and exhibition of...

PRiK Technical Conference, Poland, 27th -28th November 2014

Another successful annual technical conference was organised by the Polish Association of Pipes and Fittings Producers, known as PRiK. The conference was held in Zawiercie, 75 km from Krakow, and...

Risks of rapid crack propagation are lower with PE material

Don't crack under pressure! While the use of PE tends to increase in gas piping systems due to its lower risk of RCP, PE100+ Association promotes a higher quality material than standard requirements. We invite pipeline and others companies to consult our quality material list : be sure to use the very highest quality of PE 100 products.

Current state and evolution of PE pipe industry

You thought you knew everything about PE pipe market ? Maybe not... Research and Markets has released in december 2014 a new study of PE PIPE market. Available for sale, this study, for companies and any other interested party, delivers a global view on the current state of the market and provides development trends.

PE100+ association : using PE pipes is better then ductible irons pipes for environmentLCA Study

A significant contribution to sustainable developpment

KIWA - PE100+ meeting 18 Dec 2013 KIWA - PE100+ meeting 18 Dec 2013
Plastic Pipes XVII , Chicago 2014Plastic Pipes XVII , Chicago 2014

Once again, Plastic Pipes XVII in Chicago 2014 was an unique opportunity to evidence the dynamism of the plastic sector. Innovative applications like water management to mitigate flood or drought,...

Congratulation to Manoleva Gordana from Konti-HidroplastCongratulation to Manoleva Gordana from Konti-Hidroplast

The 15th anniversary game is over, and the lucky winner is....

EPD for PE pipes

PE100+ deems it important to have insight into the integral environmental burdens encountered during the life span of a PE pipe system (DN/OD 400 mm) for water distribution. PE100+ wishes to get information on the entire life cycle of the systems, from the cradle-to-the grave. With this framework in mind, PE100+ has set up an LCA/EPD project with the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO). The present EPD outlines the various environmental aspects, which accompany the polyethylene (PE) pipe system for water distribution

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Plastic Pipes XVII - Chicago 2014 - 06/2014 Reminder

PLASTIC PIPES XVII – 4 reasons why not to miss this conference 1. Network with key players of the Plastic piping & fittings industry worldwide 2. Gain practical knowledge on the application of...


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