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Conference Session Speakers: (L to R): Edward Naylor, Simon Marsh, Tom Sangster, Norbert Jansen2015 ISTT International No-Dig ConferenceTuesday 10 November 2015

The 2015 ISTT International No-Dig Conference was held in Istanbul from 28th to 30th September.

PE 100+ Association 16th Advisory Board MeetingPE 100+ Association 16th Advisory Board MeetingThursday 05 November 2015

A large industry panel from several countries outside and inside Europe together with 2 local guests came together for the 16th Advisory Board Meeting held on June 9th 2015 in the city of Krakow.

Pace + is an analysis, calculation & evaluation tool provided by PE100+ association and PPIPACE + :PE100+ Analysis, Calculation & Evaluation tool now available for the PE pipe value chain Thursday 05 November 2015

PE100+ PACE is an easy to use, online tool, available on computers, tablets or mobile phones.

PE100+ will be present at Plastic Pipes XVIII - Berlin2016Plastic Pipes XVIII Conference - Calling for papers – Positive signs in Plastic pipe marketThursday 04 June 2015

The Plastic Pipes Conference Association (PPCA) has announced a call for papers to be presented at its Plastic Pipes XVIII Conference and Exhibition taking place in Berlin’s InterContinental Hotel on 12 – 14 September 2016. The announcement comes on the heel of positive signs for the global plastic pipe market.

 Download the press release Plastic Pipes XVIII - Berlin 2016
PE100+ Association is getting more globalPE100+ Association is getting more globalTuesday 26 May 2015

Once a year the PE100+ Association holds the Member meeting, reviewing the past year activities and proposing coming events. We gathered in Amsterdam and this edition was the opportunity to welcome...

Next advisory board meeting of PE100+ Association - 08 & 09 June 2015 in Krakow, Poland.2015 Advisory Board Meeting in KrakowTuesday 09 June 2015

PE100+ Association will host this year’s advisory board meeting on Monday 08 June 2015 and Tuesday 09 June 2015 in Krakow, Poland. This event convenes pipe experts or representatives from the gas...

TEPPFA Forum 2015TEPPFA Forum 2015Thursday 02 April 2015

TEPPFA Forum 2015, organized with the support of the Plastic Pipes Conference Association to which PE100+ Association is a member, is the largest and most international convention and exhibition of...

PRiK Technical Conference, Poland, 27th -28th November 2014Thursday 27 November 2014

Another successful annual technical conference was organised by the Polish Association of Pipes and Fittings Producers, known as PRiK. The conference was held in Zawiercie, 75 km from Krakow, and...

Round Robin as per PE100+ Association StatusFriday 23 January 2015

In 2014 , PE100+ Association worked closely with our Administrator KIWA on some technical subjects, including the set up of a Round Robin as described in the status of PE100+ Association. The Round...

Plastic Pipes XVII , Chicago 2014Plastic Pipes XVII , Chicago 2014Tuesday 20 January 2015

Once again, Plastic Pipes XVII in Chicago 2014 was an unique opportunity to evidence the dynamism of the plastic sector. Innovative applications like water management to mitigate flood or drought,...

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