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PE100+ Association underlines the importance of using pre-compounded black PE100 resins across Asia

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The PE100+ Association continued to grow its presence across Asia by participating in several industry events in the first half of 2019, representing the commitment of the association and all its members to promote the use of high quality pre-compounded PE100 resins as the only solution for the production of plastic pressure water pipes.

The first Asian event of 2019 to feature the PE100+ Association was the Water Philippines Exhibition, held in March 20-22 in Manila. The PE100+ Association, represented by members from Borouge and Siam Cement Group (SCG), participated at this major industry event with a booth and a presentation. The paper, entitled “The benefits of pre-compounded polyethylene for water pipe systems” and given by Borouge, highlighted the growing concerns of water scarcity and underlined the importance of material excellence, in particular the need to use pre-compounded Black PE100 materials in order to guarantee pipe performance and ultimately reduce water losses by ensuring leak-free and secure pipelines.

Pic 1: Youssef Taha of Borouge presenting “The benefits of pre-compound polyethylene for water pipe systems” on behalf of the PE100+ Association

In the same month, the PE100+ Association took part in the China Water Pressure PE Pipe GB13663 National Standard Conference in Wuhan. China has updated its GB13663 standard to promote the use of pre-compounded PE100 resins for water pipelines and has tightened testing requirements in order to achieve better quality control. This highlights the intention of the Chinese national standards committee and the water pipe industry to establish the approach of using pre-compounded PE100 resin in order to guarantee quality.  PetroChina represented the PE100+ Association in support of the updated GB13663 standard by presenting a paper that highlighted the benefits of pre-compounded black PE100 resins over other solutions.

Pic 2: Xi Jun of PetroChina presenting “The benefits of pre-compound polyethylene for Water pipes” on behalf of the PE100+ Association

In July, the PE100+ Association returned to Southeast Asia by participating in the IndoWater 2019 Exhibition in Jakarta. This year is the 15th edition of this annual event which is recognized as the largest water and wastewater exhibition in the country. PE100+ Association participated with a booth and Borouge delivered a presentation on the benefits of pre-compounded polyethylene for water systems on behalf of the PE100+ Association.

Pic 3: The PE100+ booth in IndoWater 2019 was represented by Borouge and SCG

The PE100+ Association will continue its commitment to promote the use of pre-compounded black PE100 in the Asian market by participating in future events including the UWT 2019 in China and the Plastic Pipe spin-off conferences in Australia and China.

Last update Friday 22 November 2019

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