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What ranges and types of fittings are available?

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PE pipe ranges and types of fittings

A full range of injection moulded fittings is available in pipe sizes up to 500mm including: tees; elbows; reducers; branch connections; etc. Additionally fittings for specific applications can be fabricated in larger diameters from material of the same grade. Also a range of long radius bends specially formed from the pipe is supplied in a wide range of diameters and angles. The manufacturers can supply information on the full range of fittings available and reference should be made to them for further information.


ISO 9623:1997 PE/metal and PP/metal adapter fittings for pipes for fluids under pressure - Design lengths and size of threads - Metric series
ISO 3663:1976 Polyethylene (PE) pressure pipes and fittings, metric series - Dimensions of flanges
ISO 9624:1997 Thermoplastics pipes for fluids under pressure - Mating dimensions of flange adapters and loose backing flanges
ISO/TS 10839:2000 Polyethylene pipes and fittings for the supply of gaseous fuels - Code of practice for design, handling and installation

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