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Products: Fittings

HDPE Pipe technical guidance (High quality Polyethylene Pipes)
PE pipe ranges and types of fittings

What ranges and types of fittings are available?

A full range of injection moulded fittings is available in pipe sizes up to 500mm including: tees; elbows; reducers; branch connections; etc. Additionally fittings for specific applications can be fabricated in larger diameters from material of the same grade. Also a range of long radius bends specially formed from the pipe is supplied in a wide range of diameters and angles. The manufacturers can supply information on the full range of fittings available and reference should be made to them...

Are any special pipes available for specific applications?

Yes. The PE pipe producing industry is very innovative in developing pipes for special applications and to be more cost-effective in dealing with installation and service needs. The special pipes are mainly multi-layer materials. These are co-extrusions of different thermoplastic materials to form pipes with two or more layers in their walls, with each layer performing a specific function. The multi-layer pipes may have: A harder thin outer layer to protect the main body of the pipe from damage...

How can PE pipe be connected to other pipe materials?

PE100 pipe can be connected to pipe in other materials by a range of mechanical fittings available from the relevant manufacturers. These can either be transition couplers to connect the pipes together directly or flange connections. Transition couplers typically consist of an outer body compatible with the size of the pipes to be joined, an elastomeric sealing ring to provide the leak tightness and an internal pipe stiffener to provide long term integrity. It is imperative that the correct...

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