What methods can be used to assemble a PE pipe network?

PE pipe can be assembled into a pipeline network by means of fusion or mechanical assembly techniques. Fusion of PE pipe and fittings may be by either Butt Fusion or Electrofusion. Other techniques are available (socket fusion and induction fusion) but are not commonly available and will not be considered here.

Fusion comprises applying heat and pressure for a specified time to the mating surfaces to be joined. The application of heat and pressure under the correct conditions allows the molecular chains to flow and mix with each other creating a joint as strong as the pipe itself.
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Mechanical assembly
Mechanical assembly techniques utilise fittings that incorporate a compression component, usually an elastomeric sealing ring, to provide for pressure integrity, leak tightness and resistance to end loads.
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Range of fittings (Ineos Polyolefins, Borealis)  

Created Sunday 08 February 2009