08 / 02 / 09Are there any special trenching requirements advised by our customers for PE pipe?

No special trenching requirements are normally needed for PE compared to other materials and the preparation of trenches should follow national or local practices. Sharp stones should be removed...

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0000-00-00Are there any limitations on the depth at which PE pipe can be laid?

There are normally no depth limitations related to PE pipe material. The depth limitation to which PE pipe can be laid is not governed by the material properties but by the site conditions, soil...

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08 / 02 / 09Is trench alignment critical when laying PE pipe?

No. The flexibility of PE allows it to be placed with some variations in alignment to suit local terrain if necessary. The alignment of the trench in the vertical plane is dependant on the...

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08 / 02 / 09Can PE pipe normally be installed by trenchless methods or methods using minimum excavation?

Yes. PE pipe is ideally suited to installation by trenchless or minimum excavation techniques and many of the common methods were initially developed for PE. The techniques used by installers that...

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