Requirements for membership

Requirements for membership

Conditions to become  member

  • Must be a Certified Producer of a PE 100+ product that fulfils the requirements of the Association, starting from EN1555 and EN12201 as well as ISO4427 or ISO4437
  • Must act in accordance with the statute of the association (in particular promoting ready-made fully coloured compounds for use in manufacture of pressure pipes and fittings)

Fees for the membership and other costs

The typical costs of membership of PE100+ will be:
  • Entrance fee for the association (one time 10.000 €)
  • Annual fee for membership (around 20.000€)
    • This annual fee is dependent of the agreed budget of the association by the members. The budget depends on projects of the year and fixed costs.
  • Possible road-show costs (optional if member decides to participate on a planned road-show)
  • Testing costs for members listed material grades every  7 months (depending on the number of grades e.g. 2 grades around10.000€)
Created Friday 06 February 2009