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A new point loading test method [PE]


Plastic Pipes Conference Association # 2012 Barcelona

Xiong Zhimin

Resistance to slow crack growth (SCG) is one of the most important properties for HDPE pipe grades. Buried pipe with point loading is such a case, in which cracks initiate and grow slowly. One of the SCG evaluations is point loading test which verifies the service life for those pipes installed especially by trenchless technology. In this paper, we proposed a new framework for point loading test, which is simple and easy to implement. The core idea is to introduce stress concentration by an artificially introduced notch and unbalanced inner and outer pressure applied to the pipe sample. This method simulates both point loading and buried pipe environment. Parameters of the new method, including notch dimensions and hydrostatic pressure, can be adjustable so as to obtain reliable test for different products. A detailed finite element analysis was performed to get stress distribution around the notch and stress concentration. Preliminary experimental results verified the concept of the new method, and demonstrated that the new method is promising for point loading test.

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