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Flow Characteristics of Plastics Pipes

Author(s) : Lamont 1970 Southhampton

An examination o f the available flow r e c o r d s f o r p l a s t i c s and s i m i l a r pipes against the theoretical background o f the F r i c t i o n Factor/Reynolds Number Graph, and a comparison of these w i t h a number of exponential smooth pipe formulae i n common use, with comments on t h e i r s u i...

Plastics Pipes in the Gas Industry

Author(s) : Mather 1970 Southhampton

Gas distributed by the Industry was for well over a century derived from coal and throughout this period the only changes of significance to the Distribution Engineer were those effecting a reduction in condensibles and contro! of the constituents which gave rise to interna! corrosion of pipes.During the last ten...

Plastics Piping for Telephone Cable Ducts

Author(s) : Rata 1970 Southhampton

Since the early days of telecommunications the British Post Office has used ducts to provide a flexible cabling system which allows prior provision for development and facilitates the renewal and recovery of faulty lengths of cable.For the past half century the majority of ducts laid have been manufactured from...

Reinforced Plastics for Process Pipe Work & Plant

Author(s) : Gray 1970 Southhampton

T h e Paper considers some of the fundamental problems in the design of r e i n f o r c e d plastics, out lining the major engineering concepts which a r e applied when designing pipework, o r plant i n such materials. T o be able to demonstrate the major differences between conventional materials and r e i n f o...

Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Requirements in Plastics Piping

Author(s) : Dorey 1970 Southhampton

The purchase and installation of pipework constitutes an appreciable proportion of the total cost and weight of a ship.On a modern frigate 4% of the total materials cost for the ship is absorbed by pipework and fittings and when it is remembered that the huge cost of guns, fire control and other electronic equipment...

Agrement Assessment - Testing for Performance

Author(s) : Lant 1970 Southhampton

Applications for Plastics Piping in Marine Laboratories

Author(s) : Brown 1970 Southhampton

British Standards for Plastics Pipes

Author(s) : Jones 1970 Southhampton

Cold Water Plumbing Services in Plastics Piping

Author(s) : Cooper 1970 Southhampton

Experience with Plastics Pipe in the Water Supply Industry

Author(s) : Gill, Law 1970 Southhampton

Main Laying Techniques for Plastics Pipes

Author(s) : Trebucq 1970 Southhampton

Moleplough Laying Techniques for Plastic Pipes

Author(s) : Jackson 1970 Southhampton

Paper 15 - Large Diameter Helix Pipes

Author(s) : Hazell 1970 Southhampton

Plastics in Food Processing

Author(s) : Brighton 1970 Southhampton

Plastics Pipes & Fittings for Chemical Process Work

Author(s) : Howie 1970 Southhampton

Plastics Pipes for Air Leads Hydraulic Systems & Fluidics

Author(s) : Siney 1970 Southhampton

Plastics Piping for Building Services

Author(s) : Gay 1970 Southhampton

Plastics Piping for Higher Temperature Use

Author(s) : Dodson 1970 Southhampton

Plastics Soil Waste and Drainage Systems

Author(s) : Catterick 1970 Southhampton

Some Case Histories on the Use of Plastics Pipes

Author(s) : Ellis 1970 Southhampton

The Choice of Plastics for Gas Distribution Systems

Author(s) : Benjamin 1970 Southhampton

The Development of Plastics Valves

Author(s) : Young 1970 Southhampton

The Durability of Plastics

Author(s) : Gale, Pacitti 1970 Southhampton

The Spectrum of Polymers - Recent Developments

Author(s) : Van der Vegt 1970 Southhampton

The Structural Requirements of Plastic Gravity Systems

Author(s) : Carter 1970 Southhampton

The Use of Plastics Pipes in Agricultural Land Drainage

Author(s) : Trattford 1970 Southhampton

Thermoplastics as Engineering Materials

Author(s) : Bacon 1970 Southhampton

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