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Ukwir National Mains Failure Database


Gas & Water

Plastic Pipes Conference Association # 2006 Washington DC


In 2002 UK Water Industry Research Ltd commissioned Bodycote PDL to collate and maintain a database of all water main failures in the UK and develop a protocol for data collection of failure information. Despite the huge disparity in the data formats from each company this has been achieved and maintenance of the database is ongoing. The database now contains around 500,000 mains failure records covering over 95% of the UK companies for the period around 1995 onwards. The database includes mains lengths for each material and diameter to allow the generation of the proper comparisons of failure rates. Whilst analysis of the database trends does not form a significant part of the work, interesting seasonal observations on failure patterns for asbestos cement, PVC and PE compared to Cast Iron can be seen. A case study of how one UK water utility was able to use the National Mains Failure Database to demonstrate to the industry regulator that it had a specific problem with old (pre 1985) PVC pipelines and plan for a replacement strategy is described. UKWIR – NATIONAL MAINS FAILURE DATABASE

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