The municipal water company of palermo (amap s.p.a.) realizes the largest application in europe of PE100 as raw material for water distribution network


Case Studies from Around the World # 2004 Milan

Within the water sector, AMAP S.p.A. is one of the oldest companies in Italy, as we have been managing the Water System in the city of Palermo (which is the capital of Sicily) for over one hundred years. The water distributed by AMAP S.p.A comes from the following sources, spread around the Province of Palermo: four water reservoirs (Scanzano, Piana degli Albanesi, Poma, Rosamarina), containing altogether 150 millions cubic metres of water; four spring groups (Scillato, Presidiana, Gabriele, Risalaimi); four river-diverted waters (Imera, Eleuterio, Oreto-Santa Caterina, Jato-Madonna del Ponte); twenty nine wells.

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