Ürünler : Ek parça

08 / 02 / 09Hangi alan aralığı ek parçalar mevcuttur

A full range of injection moulded fittings is available in pipe sizes up to 500mm including: tees; elbows; reducers; branch connections; etc. Additionally fittings for specific applications can be...

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08 / 02 / 09Özel uygulamalara, özel borular mevcutmudur?

Yes. The PE pipe producing industry is very innovative in developing pipes for special applications and to be more cost-effective in dealing with installation and service needs. The special pipes...

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0000-00-00PE borular, diğer boru malzemelerine nasıl bağlanabilir?

PE100 pipe can be connected to pipe in other materials by a range of mechanical fittings available from the relevant manufacturers. These can either be transition couplers to connect the pipes...

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