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Water loss management in the US [PE]



Plastic Pipes Conference Association # 2012 Barcelona

Camille George Rubeiz

In the U.S., 38 billion gallons of water are treated every day for domestic and public use, but 2.5 billion gallons of this treated water is lost because of leaks from corroded or damaged potable water piping system. According to the American Water Works Association, leaks in main water lines can reach up to 1,000 gallons per minute (gpm) and leaks in valves can reach 500 gpm; leaks due to corrosion usually start out small but can grow to large leaks. Main line and joint leaks can occur due to improper installation and materials, settlement, overloading, corrosion, excessive pressure and others This paper will examine the issues that are associated with water loss and will provide HDPE as one of the primary solutions to assist utilities in better managing water loss and potable water piping systems. Keywords : water loss, water distribution, potable water, HDPE, water

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