The Use of Polypropylene for Buried Sewage Piping Systems [PE]


# 1998 Gothenburg

Pipes made .from plastics are widespreadly used for numerous applications, and pipes made from polypropylene (PP) play a major role in manv of these fields, but especially in sectors such as pressurised industrial piping, domestic hot and cold water distribution and soil & waste discharge systems. Polypropylene block copolymer (PP-B), one of the main PP-Iypes, has become the material of choice .for modern buried sewage piping system3 by major European pipe manufacturers. PCD Polymere, a major supplier of polyethylene and polypropylene, expects that the excellent characteristics of PP-B will contribute in penetrating .significantl,v into the market o f non-plastics materials for sewage pipes. High impac~.strength, excellent chemical resistance and high resistance to abrasion are some of /he outstandin~fiatziresof this material. In addition, European standards for PP sewage pipes are lcrrgeli concltrded, which give a solid basis for broadening the use of PP. Thi.spcrperfbcusse.~on u nnv generation of'PP-Bfeatliring an extra high modulus (XMOD) and excellent impact strength. which makes high-qualily, veery low weight and competitive sewage piping systenis nvc/ilable, and opens new opportunities for the pla.vticspipe industry.

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