The UFH/C System with PE-Xa Pipes is a Perfect Sustainable Solution for a Large Mosque Project

Papers # 2016 Berlin

In this paper we would like to show the capability of radiant floor heating being used with complete plastic pipe system for the large space area of a large mosque (the Isfahan Mosalla Project). Human comfort is a critical consideration when designing a mosque in Iran and the traditionally-used normal unit heater or air-based system rarely meets the comfort criteria in these projects. A full plastic pipe solution is a superior solution when considering the quick and correct installation and commissioning of such a system in a large construction project. In this paper we describe the challenges we faced in this project.

An under-floor heating system is frequently the most appropriate solution for different applications all over the world. Using the low temperature of around 40˚C is a great step towards lower consumption of energy and also towards having better thermal comfort for the user of the system.

For the first time in Iran, a project for construction of a mosque in Isfahan city wanted to check the possibility of using a UFH/C system. The area of this project is 23,000 sqm using 230 km of threelayer PE-Xa pipe, making it the biggest use of an UFH/C system in Iran to date.

Many challenges existed here. The first was to check what output the UFC could supply for such a system. For cultural reasons, the floor of a mosque is mostly covered by Persian carpets, which is very good insulation. Secondly, to design such a huge project needed reliable software to calculate the system output based on different scenarios and to choose the best system. Thirdly, regarding installation, there were some challenges regarding how to balance the UFH/C loop. An interesting aspect of this project was the requirement to use PP-RCT three-layer with GF pipe to make the UFH/C manifold buried in the floor, a request by the owner in order to have a high quality solution.

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