Plastics pipes in gas distribution and relevant jointing techniques


Gas Industry # 1972 Southampton

This Paper outlines the practical background within gas dis- tribution against which the introduction and use of plastics pipes may be considered. It concentrates on the practical and economic aspects of plastics pipes applied to distribu- tion activities, and in particular the most common and widely used elements. The jointing of any gas pipe is of extreme importance, therefore the jointing of plastics pipe now being introduced receives as much attention as the choice and use of the pipe itself. It has already been stated that the emphasis of the Seminar is on practical experience and case studies. This being so, it seems appropriate to refer to the introduction of plastics mains and services in a Gas Board during the past few years and to indicate the reasons, both practical and economic, for the actions taken. This has involved choosing those areas of activity in which the use of plastics as a new material can most safely be introduced, where the savings to be gained are initially substantial, and at the same time providing a base upon which can be built the more extens- ive use of plastics within the total distribution activity.

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