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PP sewage pipes ensuring a healthier future in Asia and the Middle East



Plastic Pipes Conference Association # 2010 Vancouver

Youssef Taha, Jarmo Harjuntausta, Gunter Dreiling

Polypropylene Block Copolymers (PP-B) have a long and successful track record as a material for non-pressure piping applications in Europe. Many PP sewage systems have now been in service for over 30 years and since the introduction of the new PP high Modulus (PP-HM) grades in the 1990’s, market growth has been remarkably high. The PP-B sewage pipe market in Asia and Middle East is now set for a similar strong growth to that witnessed in Europe. With the continued failure of concrete and asbestos cement sewage systems, there is a significant opportunity for plastic pipes to replace existing networks and improve the standard of life in Asia and the Middle East. This paper will underline the benefits and whole life value of PP-B compared to other materials, and highlight the growth and subsequent opportunities for plastic pipes in Asia and the Middle East.

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