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PEX PE Coextruded Pipes for the Conveyance of Natural Gas [PEX]


Market Opportunities

Plastic Pipes Conference Association # 2004 Milan

Genoni, Belforte

One aspect of extrusion technology that could offer viable alternatives to solid PEX pipes in the gas distribution industry is the production of co-extruded pipes. The production of a PE pipe incorporating cross-linked layers in its wall may be an attractive method of transferring some of the properties of PEX to standard PE. The most interesting aspect of this new technology is its high flexibility : the use of different structures allows the production of products able to fit the specific needs of the market and fill the gap between low price commodity PE and high end PEX. In fact this technology is allowing the creation of a new class of piping systems whose thermal, physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics are some time more interesting than their PEX and PE counter parts. Easy installation is another major benefit of co-extruded pipes : supplied in coils or straight lengths they can be handled and assembled as conventional PE pipes.

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