New Routes to high Processing Polyethylene Pipe Grades Is it away to PE 125 ? [PE]


# 2010 Vancouver

About 20 years ago, there was a clear step change in the pressure pipe world  : there came the first PE100. At that time, it was quite a revolution because even the classification should have combination of mechanical properties, PE100 resins became progressively the main used resin in the gas and water application whereas PE80 found its use in some specific applications where flexibility or limited pressure are the features. And since then ? Obviously people, always driven by the technical challenges, tried to go even further meaning increasing mechanical properties combination and/or competitiveness of PE versus other materials. The limited success of PE112 at the early 2000 showed us the industry players are waiting for a significant step  : toward PE125. Is it possible ? Is it achievable ? this paper will go through the stakes and the challenges of developing a PE125.

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