New Approaches About Compliance of Materials in Contact with Water

Sustainability & Regulation Approval # 2004 Milan

Materials and articles in contact with water for human consumption should not endanger human health and should not bring about organoleptie changes to the water. The compliance of the manufacts (pipes, joints, fittng, valve, filtus etc..) is under the responsibility of the industry which has to follow the indications of the relevant provisions. In Italy a decree focused on materials in contact with water for human consumption is going to be laid down. It deals with plastic, rubber, metals and alloys, cements, glass, ceramics, enamel glass. Positive lists of admitted substances and materials have been settled with compositional requirements, restrictions, as well as overall and specific migration limits. A procedure for the introduction of new substances in positive lists has been reported, too. The technological, compositional and hygienic requirements should be maintained during the exercise lifetime of the manufacts. The new italian law has been drafted according some basic principles agreed at EU level for the interim time until the EC Directive will be laid down, too.

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