Long Term Performance of Existing PVC Water Distribution Systems

System Pressure Rating & Residual Life # 2004 Milan

In co-operation with the PVC producers, pipe manufacturers and waterworks companies in the Netherlands, a study is carried out by the research institute TNO Industrial Technology on the current status of the existing PVC water distribution system and on the prediction of its residual lifetime. The prediction of the residual lifetime of PVC water distribution systems is complicated as a result of the variations in production quality, of the installation process, of the service conditions, of the traffic load, etc. Moreover, material degradation processes occur during the whole history of the PVC systems. The consequences for the long-term behaviour were studied starting from the degradation processes in the PVC products in combination with the processing, installation and service conditions. Procedures to accelerate the relevant degradation processes in PVC materials with a service life of several decades are proposed.

Please note that the whole article content is available on PPCA website onlySource : 2004 Milan

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