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Introduction of New Materials High-Flow PE100 Grade [PE]


Plastic Pipes Conference Association # 2006 Washington DC


A new grade of PElOO has been successfully developed. The new grade has much higher flowability and much more attractive feature compared to the conventional PE100. The new grade is polymerized with a newly developed single site catalyst, which can precisely control the higher order structure as well as the molecular structure. Compared to our conventional PElOO grade, it is confirmed that the new grade has narrower (1,1,0) planar spacing width determined by the wide angle X ray diffraction measurement and at the same time, the grade has narrower composition distribution determined by a cross fractionation method. The new grade is thought to have tighter crystalline and tougher amorphous portion. In terms of the pipe property, we consider that the hydrostatic strength and FNFT(full notch fatigue test) of the new grade are same as ones of our conventional PE100, although the flowability of the new grade is better than that of our conventional PESO grade. Especially the strength against the ductile failure at high temperature (80°C) of the new grade is much higher than our conventional PElOO grade. From our laboratory scale pipe processing observations, it is found that resin process pressure of the new grade is much lower than that of a conventional one. So the new grade can be produced at the condition of 30 "G lower molding temperature than the conventional one. We expect that for extrusion and injection moldings, the new grade PElOO can be easily processed at shorter processing cycle time that leads to higher productivity.

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