European Certification of Plastics Pipes

Standardisation, Certification & Recycling # 1992 Eindhoven

For many years the plastics pipes industry has had various voluntary certification schemes available. With the advent of the European single market and the preparation of harmonised European product standards a natural progression is the development of a single European certification system. In October 1990 a meeting of interested parties from the EC and EFTA was conveyed in Brussels. The participants represented manufacturers, users, testing laboratories, Inspection Bodies and Certification Bodies of some fourteen countries. At this meeting it was agreed that a certification scheme with one European Mark was required and the representative present from CENCER granted the meeting the status of CEN Certification Committee No 6 (CCC6).
The general aim of this committee is the establishment of a single voluntary certification scheme with one common mark to cover the scope of Product Systems Standards prepared by CEN TC 155.

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