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Effect of Chlorinated Water on the Oxidative Resistance and the Mechanical Strength of PE Pipes [PE]


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Plastic Pipes Conference Association # 2006 Washington DC

Castagnetti, Dragoni, Mammano, Fontani, Nuccini, Sartori

The paper documents ongoing research aimed at determine the effect of disinfectants on high density polyethylene pipes (HDPE), commonly employed in modern urban networks for water conveyance. An experimental plant has been implemented, controlled by a PC, which monitors all the operating parameters. The experimental plant gives the possibility to expose simultaneously both samples from the pipe and dog bone specimens. The experimental campaign, still running, is oriented to the analysis of polyethylene pipes PE100, for alimentary use, with a nominal diameter DN 32. The current experimental campaign investigates the effect of chlorine dioxide disinfectant at a constant concentration of 5 ppm. The water temperature is set at 40°C on both lines. Results obtained from the monotonic tensile test and from the OIT tests highlight an influence of chlorinated water on the mechanical behaviour of PE and consumption in antioxidants.

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