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Cross-Linked PE Pipe for Hot Water and Geothermal Applications Reliability and Fusion Technology [PE]


PE-X & Other Pipes

Plastic Pipes Conference Association # 1998 Gothenburg

Tsunaga, Matsunami, Sato, Nakata

By applying the cross-linked EF to the cross-linked PE(PEX) pipe \vhicli has a composite structure, the reliability of hot water piping system under severe environment lias significantly increased. A continuous use for approsimately 30 years under severe conditions such as 80 "C. and I MPa becomes possible. In this system, thc advantages of PEX are well applied and creep rupture is prevented by the composite structure. Moreover. by a new application of crosslinked EF system for the joints where proble~ilsoften occurrcd. the reliability as a ]lot water piping system has increased significantly.

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