Compact Pipe - Close fit lining with PE pipes [PE]


# 1995 Edinburgh

Pipelines, as used for their various applications appear to suffer frequently from deterioration. The combination of new products and advanced plastics materials ensures that pipe renovation can be carried out with increasing efficiency and decreasing environmental disturbance. Methods of renovation that currently enjoy particular interest are the so-called close-fit lining techniques. They provide the existing pipeline with a structural plastic pipe lining in such a manner that the annular space between the two is minimal, thus giving the most optimum flow conditions. Compact Pipe is a specific close-fit pipe lining technique for various damaged utilities, ranging from sewer mains to gas, water and industrial lines. The pipe itself is a continuous string of polyethylene pipe, folded into a '?-shape along its length. Case histories presented in this paper give evidence that Compact Pipe is a justified option for a wide variety of applications.

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