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An evaluation of Polyamide 12 for High Pressure Natural Gas Distribution Applications [polyamide]


Developments in New Materials

Plastic Pipes Conference Association # 2006 Washington DC

Wolf, Akagawa, Nakamura, Patadia

With support from natural gas utilities, the Gas Technology Institute and Polyamide 12 material suppliers, a project was developed to determine the suitability for use of Polyamide 12 natural gas distribution systems operating above the current 125 psig limit imposed on polyethylene systems. The projects goals are to gain the necessary approval for the use of polyamide 12 natural gas distribution systems, develop the necessary standards for the use of polyamide 12 in natural gas distribution systems, develop a comprehensive database for Polyamide 12 systems to demonstrate the suitability for use and to develop a complete set of installation, operation and maintenance guidelines for Polyamide 12 systems operating at elevated pressures through laboratory evaluations and field demonstrations. The paper presents the results of the Polyamide 12 project to date and a history of use of Polyamide 12 systems. A complete database for key mechanical, physical and chemical properties has been generated. Data on laboratory controlled testing to characterize Polyamide 12 resistance to slow crack growth and rapid crack propagation is presented. Information on joining characteristics, flow control and other relevant installation and operational procedures is presented. An update on the standardization work world wide is presented. Finally, an update on the status of field installations in the U.S. is presented.

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