An Innovative Technology to Make Structured PVC Pipes For Sewers Large Diameter with Possible

New Successes & New Solutions # 2004 Milan

In the last few years, all over Europe we’ve noticed a progressive shift from the traditional solid wall PVC pipes to structured wall ones.

Such evolution was due to the to demand of gaining an energetic saving, even reducing the use of the raw material, whom high impact on the products final cost is well known, safeguarding the quality and the performances .

The researches carried out at the laboratories of the main European Companies, engaged in the transformation of the PVC for pipes making, were inspired by this concept and the conversion process, started in the first 90’s, has not yet faded.
The research on the polymer, but especially the composition of particular blends suitable to be processed according to the new technologies, allowed to project and produce new structured wall pipes characterized by several internal structure shapes.

The next step was to analyse any geometrical structure shape and find for each one, the most suitable polymer to guarantee the required performances, economy in the production costs and, in general, an energetic saving.

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