PPCA conference : 1974 Southhampton

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Discussions - Sessions 1-6

Author(s) : Holmes-Walker 1974 Southhampton

Mr. J. Kuik (Ethylene Plastique): Would polypropylene co-polymer pipes have a longer service life compared to the homo-polymers? If so could this explain the fact that British pipes seem to be made from co-polymers? Dr. W.F. Mueller: The difference between them is the impact resistance and this is also fixed in...

The Analysis of practical failures of plastic pipelines

Author(s) : Marshall, Williams 1974 Southhampton

During the last ten years, it has often been predicted that plastics will be used in increasing quantities as true engineering materials, Whilst there has been an increased acceptance of GRP as a positive alternative to metals in many applications, the use of thermoplastics for major load bearing structures has been...

The plumber's role in the plastics industry

Author(s) : Bambrough 1974 Southhampton

The plumbers role in the plastics industy G. Bambrough, MIP Senior Partner, George Bambrough & Associates No one will argue that plumbers have played an important role in the development of plastics for rainwater, soil waste and drainage systems in the UK. Almost without exception, the manufacturers of these...

The use of plastics pipes for an integral cooled 400kV cable system

Author(s) : Barton, Cliffe 1974 Southhampton

The 400 kV cables installed by the Central Electricity Generating Board to match their largest 400 kV overhead lines appear to set the limits of conductor size which cable manufacturers produce, Before the Severn installation, with which this Paper in the main deals, the maximum size of conductor available for 400 kV...

A 24 in (610mm) x 10 mile potable water pipeline in PVC

Author(s) : Collins 1974 Southhampton

A major ductwork and waste system in plastics for aggressive and radio-active laboratory effluents

Author(s) : Schneiders 1974 Southhampton

A water distribution scheme for Washington new town

Author(s) : Irving 1974 Southhampton

Attitudes and aptitudes at the interface between the pipe manufacturer and the user

Author(s) : Howie 1974 Southhampton

Automatic irrigation systems

Author(s) : Bell 1974 Southhampton

Case studies of plastics pipelines in acid-proof installations

Author(s) : Schmidt, Kessler 1974 Southhampton

Development for polymers in pipemaking

Author(s) : Mueller 1974 Southhampton

Experience at Droitwich in the use of PVC drainage

Author(s) : West 1974 Southhampton

Experience with uPVC sewers in West Germany

Author(s) : Jirka, Greenrod 1974 Southhampton

Flexible water pipes for high voltage cable cooling systems: A review of present practice and possible future developments

Author(s) : Beale 1974 Southhampton

International developments in PVC gravity sewer design

Author(s) : Carter 1974 Southhampton

International standardisation - a pipe dream

Author(s) : Littlewood 1974 Southhampton

Investigations concerning uPVC drain and sewer pipes and fittings

Author(s) : Vaelimaa 1974 Southhampton

Plastics pipe in land drainage and irrigation

Author(s) : Ede 1974 Southhampton

Plastics pipelines in electrolytic process plants

Author(s) : Kruft 1974 Southhampton

Plastics pipes in the Shell Centre building, London - a retrospective view

Author(s) : Hall 1974 Southhampton

Polyethylene systems in the distribution of gas

Author(s) : Wilkinson, Halliwell 1974 Southhampton

Stress cracking in uPVC and high impact pipes in the natural gas distribution network

Author(s) : Mutter & Benjamin 1974 Southhampton

The role for plastics in developing countries

Author(s) : Stern 1974 Southhampton

Unusual hospital effluents and plastics drainage

Author(s) : Payne 1974 Southhampton

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