08 / 02 / 09How do our customers normally design a PE pipe for given operating conditions?

First they need to decide what the pipe is to be designed for; Internal pressure capability e.g. water or gas distribution main External pressure capability e.g. submerged pipeline Soil...

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08 / 02 / 09What is the recommended maximum operating pressure for a PE pipe?

The relationship between the maximum operating pressure (MOP), the minimum required strength of the PE pipe grade (MRS) and the pipe geometry (SDR standard dimension ratio) is given by the following...

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08 / 02 / 09How do customers allow for surge and fatigue loading in the design?

Surge and fatigue occur in pipelines due to the normal operations of, for example, pumps shutting down or valves being operated quickly. Due to the incompressible nature of liquids the phenomenon is...

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