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Wiesbadener Kunststoffrohrtage 2006
Qualitätsinitiative der PE-Rohrindustrie: (537kb)
Notes from a Symposium ”PE 100+ : Don't crack under pressure” (150kb)
Don't crack under pressure (70kb)
Testing methods 03
Testing methods 02
Testing methods 01
Test Requirements 01
Squeeze Tool LowRes
SDR Graph
Road show in India
Regression curve - Low res
Reference Installations 03
Reference Installations 02
Reference Installations 01
Productivity LowRes
Polyethylene 01
Pipe on a drum
Pipe Bursting LowRes
PE100+ committee Warsaw - 2005 - Mid res
PE100 testing schedule
PE100 Model Banner
Nice 2004
Loading Conditions
Fusion Cycles LowRes
Fusion Cycles
Copenhagen 2002
Budapest 2007 very low res
Advisory committee - Barcelona 2006 - Low res
Advisory committee - Barcelona 2006 - High Res
Reference installations (860kb)
Overview (24kb)
PE100+ POLM200308-press release (23kb)
PE100+ Member Meeting 20030219 (12kb)
PE100+ Associations board of directors re-elected (25kb)
PE100+ Association issues new Positive List of Material (38kb)
PE 100+ Association: Borealis, Elenac and Solvay aim higher (25kb)
Members meeting 22/02/2005
DSM becomes latest member of the PE 100+ Association (42kb)
ATOFINA joins the PE 100+ Association (23kb)
The PE100+ Association; Borealis; Elenac and Solvay aim higher (251kb)
The PE100+ Association (607kb)
PE-leidiningmaterial in eigenkwaliteissysteem beproeved (172kb)
HDPE gets new standard bearer (175kb)
Die PE100+ Association (345kb)
Regular enhanced test schedule for maximum safety (933kb)
PE 100 at 100psig - 13 years of success (150kb)
Non si rompe sotto presslone (85kb)
Non si rompe sotto presslone (65kb)
The PE 100+ Association in Spain
Plastic pipe materials
PE100+ present at CH4 objettivo 2000
Turkey Case Stories
Setting higher standards to promote use of PE100 (862kb)
Setting higher standards to promote the use of PE 100 (580kb)
Presentation of Gastec Certification B.V.
Plastic Pipes 2000 (56kb)
PE100+ Association - Creating trust in high quality pipes
Increasing the use of PE pipe for large diameter water mains
High demands require high quality PE compounds (990kb)
Erleichterung der Rohrsystemauswahl fr europische Wasserfachingenieure
Ensuring the highest quality in PE100 pressure piping materials
Advantages of high quality PE pipe materials (116kb)
PE100+ Quality Materials
Plastics pipes XIV Brochure
PE100+ Association - Creating trust in high quality pipes
PPXVI program
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